Top 24 Most Amazing Looking Metro Stations in the World

Number 10 – Arts et Metiers Metro


Deep down in the heart of Paris France and located by an arts and trade school known as the Arts et Metiers, lies a underground Metro station which was opened on October 19, 1904. This underground Metro station contains two lines, line 3 and line 11. In 1994 the station would be redesigned by the artist Francois Schuiten, who is a Belgian comics artist and would restyle the Metro station in what is known as steampunk style and would also get  some inspiration from the great Jules Vern and his science fiction writings. The station has the appearance of being covered with complete copper and what looks to be portholes on the walls, also hanging from the ceiling protrudes giant gears that also looks to be made out of copper.

Number 9 – Avtova Metro Station


Designed by the architect named Yevgenii Levinson is the Avtova Metro station which is located in St. Petersburg Russia. This amazing Metro station was opened on November 15 in the year 1955. With all these beautiful columns which are made of marble was at first supposed to be made from glass but because of time constraints they had to settle for marble. This was supposed to be a temporary solution but has yet to still has never been changed to this day. There is a huge mosaic that was created by V.A. Voronetskiy located at one end of the platform. This Metro station would be made from a method called cut and cover and is different from other stations in the first line this is known as a shallow level station.

Number 8 – Belgica Station


Named in honor of a ship that carried to the Antarctic in 1897 the first Belgian Polar expedition. This amazing Metro station is part of the Brussels Metro station online six and was opened on 1982 in Belgicalaan, Jette. The country of Belgium. This Metro station holds many sculptures made from steel such as arches of rainbows that was created by the artist named Camiel Van Breedam. These rainbow arches represent a plea to save the environment.

Number 7 – Bund Sightseeing Tunnel


This Metro station connects the Bund area to the Lujiazui section which also travels under the Huangpu River located in Shanghai China. This amazing time all travels over 646. 7 meters and holds a multimedia effects show with the 360° view throughout the tunnel. This marvelous attraction not only has a stunning visual screens but it also has a huge surroundsound system that is six channel which changes with the changing of the scenery. So not only do you get to where you want to go that you get this fabulous show, on your way. But with this comes a price, for one way is 50 yuan per person and for a round-trip it’s 60 yuan per person.

Number 6 – City Hall Station


This structure is known as Romanesque revival architecture, it was designed by Rafael Guastavino. This extraordinary subway station is located in Park Row and City Hall park, New York, NY was opened on 27th, of October, 1904. This Subway is known as the City Hall Loop and is also known as the Manhattan main line. Has many features such as skylights, brass chandeliers, glass tile, and Guastavino tile. Due to the way the station was built which was on a curve and for this it could only hold five cars, plus there was another station near by called the Brooklyn Bridge station, and for this reason City Hall station was closed on the 31st of December, 1945.

Number 5 –  Formosa Boulevard Station


Located in the SingSing district, Kaohsiung lies a very beautiful Metro station which is one of the most beautiful stations in Taiwan. The station is known as an interchange station and has two lines one called the red line and one called the orange line, the station is also an underground station. This Metro station was actually remodeled in preparation for the 2009 world games, with three levels and three platforms designed by an artist from Italy named Narcissus Quagliata. Quagliata used glass to design this marvelous structure which is one of the largest glassworks in the world, it’s very colorful station is known as the dome of light and has over 4,500 glass panels.

Number 4 –  Fulton Street Transit


Located on Fulton Street and Broadway in lower Manhattan is a subway known as the Fulton Center station. It was named after by group called the Metropolitan Transportation Authority and was put together in the hopes to rehabilitate New York City subways. This renovation cost over $1.4 billion dollars net included total construction passageways that was located underground along with constructing a large building above ground for the station. Station would open on 10th of November, 2014 and it would not only be used as a Metro station but it also has a huge mall built within it..

Number 3 –  Kievskaya Station


One of the most beautiful Metro stations in the world is located in Moscow Russia. They used a competition for the idea of the design of the station and the design that won was by a team known as E. I. Katonin, V. K. Skugarev, and G. E. Golubev. This station is made of white marble, very large mosaics, and very large arches covered by gold paint and located at the very end of the station is a huge painting of Vladimir Lenin.

–  Kungstadgarden Metro Station


The name of this station located in Stockholm Sweden is known as the King’s Garden and was opened on October 30th, 1977. The station is made up of buildings that have been torn down and old relics that were destroyed while they were redeveloping Stockholm between the dates of 50s in the 60s. It was intended to have a huge park biltl at the front entrance of the station but would not happen because of the Elm conflict. There is a lot of flowers all over the station there’s also spiders called Lessertia dentichelis which is a cave dwelling spider and are found all over the station. There is also lots of malls that grows all over the sides of the walls which was thought to have been extinct at one time.

Number 2 –  Marienplatz Station


Located in Munich Germany as another beautiful station known as the Munich Marienplatz Station. The station not only located underground but it also has four levels, on the main level has shopping centers, ticket booths, and they MVG service center. The second level will have two levels inside of it one is for embarking the other is for disembarking, the third level has two sought platforms and is laid out in a Spanish solution that contains the westbound track. In the fourth and final level contains two tracks and two side platforms in which all the other levels connect by access tunnels.

Number 1 –  Metro Center


The station is considered one of the original stations in Washington DC. It’s known as the Metro center and is the central hub of the Metro rapid transit in Washington DC. This Metro station has been in service since 27th of March, in 1976. There are many colors to this station to distinguish different areas within it which consists of silver, red, blue, and orange.

Number 11 – Metro Olaias


This amazing station located in Lisbon Portugal and on the red line of the Lisbon Metro is the Metro station known as the Olaias. An underground station which was designed by the architect, Thomas Taveira and Pedro Cabrita Reis, Rui Sanchez, Graca Pereira Coutinho, and Pedro Calapez. The station has a steampunk vibe with tall pillers that look like they’re made of copper with metal rivets all over them.

Number 12 – Wihelminaplein Metro Station


Located in Rotterdam Netherlands and by the Maas River is an underground subway station known as the Wilhelminaplein subway station. This station was open in 1997 and as you enter it lies a tram where people can get on a RET which is a operated tram. Across the entrance of this beautiful underground subway is the Nieuwe Luxor Theater. Not only does this major station connect to lines 20, 23, and 25 but also runs towards the Wilhelminakade on the Re bus on line 60. This Metro station is created with a lot of aluminum walls and blue lights that seemed to glow throughout the station.

Number 13 -Toledo Metro Station



Not to be confused to Toledo Canada this gorgeous Metro station is located in Toledo Italy off of the one of the main shopping streets that is located in Naples. It was opened in the Spanish quarter February 2013 and was designed by Oscar Blanca. This Metro station is 50 m deep which makes it one of the longest among Metro stations. Covered with mosaics, lights,and water and also is decorated in sparkles of deep blue in color that is spread all over the walls and ceilings which lies 38 meters from underneath it. This Metro station is considered one of the 12 most impressive Metro station in Europe and holds over hundred and 80 pieces of art which was created by nine he different artists.

Number 14 – Park Pobedy Metro station


Opened on May 6, 2003 in Moscow Russia is the Park Pobedy Metro Station which lies in the cities Dorogomilovo district. This station contains two lines: the Kalininsko-Solntsevskaya line and the Arbatsko-Pokrovskaya line. The station also measures over 276 feet underground and is considered the deepest station in the city of Moscow and is also one of the deepest in all of the world. There are two separate platforms which were created by two separate architects one name Nataliya Shurygina and Nikilay Shumakov. One in covered with red marble and the other side is covered with pale gray marble they also contain two large mosaics that was created by Zurab Tsereteli.

– Szent Gellert Ter Station



On line four in Budapest, Hungary was one of the most beautiful Metro stations in the world, the station is known as the Szent Gellert Station. This beautiful station was named after a patron saint of Budapest named Szent Gellert and was opened on March 28, 2014. The design of this station with the use of mosaics decorated the whole interior of the inner platform was commissioned to the artist Tamas Komoroczky. The station is also the deepest station on the line four which is also right below the University of Technology and Economics.

– Plac Wilsona Station


The station in Warsaw, Poland on line M1, is the Metro station known as the Plac Wilsona Metro Station which is part of the Warsaw Metro and was opened on April 8, 2005. This Metro station won an award for the best recently constructed station in the world, this was during the Metrorail convention on April 7, 2008. The center of this station is said to look like a big UFO and some say it resembles a giant seashell.

– Redhuset Metro Station


Named after a courthouse positive station in Stockholm, namde the Radhuset Metro station. In the city of Kungsholmen is this beautiful Metro station that is a rapid transit and is part of Stockholm Metro. The station opened on August 31, 1975 and also lies between the Fridhemsplan and the T – Centralen lines which is located on the blue line. Very beautiful station which is Bill underground and exposes the natural walls of the caves which are unsculptured.

– Slavyonsky Bulvar Station


Lying in Moscow Russia is another gorgeous Metro station called the Slavyansky Bulvar Station and is between the Park Pobedy station and the Kutsevskaya Station which both are connected with the Arbatsko-Pokrovskaya Line. This station was open on September 7, 2008, the architecture of a single bolt design and has a shallow depth which the horizontal walls are rested on vaults which also are decorated with aluminum, green Cuban marble, gray granite makes up floor and parts of the edges of the platforms and was designed by S. Volovich.

– Stadion Station


In the district of Ostermalm, Stockholm in Sweden lies a beautiful Metro station located in the art near Stockholm’s Stadion which is also on the red line is the Stadion Metro Station. This Metro station opened on September 30, 1973 and is considered one of the largest exhibits of art in the world because of all of the paintings on the walls that decorates over 90 underground stations in Stockholm. Pictured above is a painting of a rainbow in the sky which was designed for the Olympics in 1912 that was held in Stockholm and was painted by two artists Ake Pallarp and Enno Hallek.

– Staromestska Metro Station


Opened in 1978 is the Staromestska Metro Station in Chek Republic and is part of line A on the Prague Metro station. This beautiful station, there is only one entrance which connects to Valentinska and the Kaprova streets which you can get to through a tunnel with an escalator in it and with only a two minute wall you can go to the municipal library, the Rudolfinum and the old Jewish cemetery. There was supposed to be a second tunnel with an escalator for a second entrance that was to be built by the old town Square, cellar of a mid-evil house, and a mid-evil bridge sets on the Mustek station but due to financial difficulties the project was postponed indefinitely.

– T Centralen Station


Located in Norrmalm, Stockholm and part of the Stockholm Metro system is the T- Centralen Station which is Swedish for subway and underground and was opened on November 24, 1957. The location of the station between the streets of Vasagatan and Sergels torg which is in Sergels Square and located in Norrmalm borough of Stockholm. This Metro system is considered the busiest station in the central location and connects with three other stations lines. The picture above is a picture of what is called the blue line which is painted blue and white.

– University Of Naples Subway



During the resolution of May 19, 2006 and number 637 in Naples this beautiful station was created and is also known as the Art Station of Naples Metro which was created to be functional, comfortable and environment beautiful. The station was planned and designed by numerous architects and artists. Also known as the art station and uses lines one and six in the Metro network. Making this one of the most beautiful Metro stations holds over 180 pieces of art which was designed and made by 90 different international authors and architects who put their ideas together to build a mixture of architectural styles. The station was chosen as the most beautiful station in Europe by the daily telegraph on November 30, 2012.

– Westfriedhof Station


Opened on May 24, 1998, in Munich, Germany is the beautiful Westfriedhof Station which is known as U-Bahn station and in the Munich tramway there are two routes connect, number 20 and 21. In 2003, there was an extension that was built known as the George-Brauchl-Ring and in 2001, 11 huge lamps were installed that glowed red, yellow and blue lights that hang down the center of the ceiling above the benches. There are also two ticket halls located above and below ground that are covered with reddish plaster while the tunnels are covered with blue lights.




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