Top 10 Traits Of Sagittarius

Number 10 –  Ruling Planet

Sagittarius is ruled by the planet Jupiter which is known as the happy planet, being the biggest planet in our solar system Sagittarius have very large personalities. Having planet Jupiter is Sagittarius guide, there are able to do multiple things the same time such as friends, hobbies, and thousands of projects. The help of Jupiter Sagittarius are known for excitement and being very adventurous, Jupiter also helps Sagittarius is pursue very large goals and even when they sometimes fail Sagittarius always picks themselves up. Jupiter gives Sagittarius spiritual growth, broader vision, quality of life, aspirations, and the knowledge of self. Also provide such experience with philosophy and religion, it also helps them to have a relationship with our own solar system. All the zodiac, Sagittarius is considered The luckiest of all zodiac’s. Jupiter helps to expand the hearts and the minds of Sagittarius which is why they are always thinking huge ideas.[hr]


Number 9 –  Lucky Colors

Sagittarius colors range from purple, blue, red, orange, black, and yellow. Since Sagittarius is considered very moody and do not need to draw any extra attention on themselves, so they were callers to help them to relax to help calm them down. Purple is one of the most popular colors Sagittarius to where also considered would be dark blue or any other shade of blue which also helps to relax, put them in a good mood. Red is very powerful and hot collar like fire, red also supports their love of life being on their own for their independence. Orange and yellow helps with love and romance for Sagittarius, these colors help those that have problems with relationships and commitments. The color black helps Sagittarius is finances and with their success in the field of study of their choice.[hr]


Number 8 –  Lucky Numbers

Lucky numbers for Sagittarius’s is 3, 4, 12, 21, 30, 33, 42, 51, and 60. The days that you work with these dates help you be more successful, hope think with a clear mind, and to overcome indecisiveness. These numbers were also help to improve energy, vibrancy, calmness, mental peace, financial stability, health, desires of material things, Fortune, and wealth. Your lucky numbers along with your lucky callers in your lucky birthstone will help intensify your luck even more.[hr]


Number 7 –  Lucky Stones

The gemstones of Sagittarius are different for man and a woman. For a man the zodiac of Sagittarius there lucky stone is a multiple of many such as citrine, blue zircon, turquoise, ruby, topaz, beryl, and lapis lazuli. Out of all of these, turquoise is the best choice and also is the luckiest gemstone for male with the zodiac of Sagittarius. The turquoise stone also gets its strength and energy from Sagittarius ruling planet, Jupiter. Turquoise is the symbol of the sky and the sea, for a Sagittarius to wear a turquoise stone will also bring them fortune, prosperity, happiness, and success. Due to its copper content this stone promotes healing of diseases, and healing of any lung problems, infections, problems with throat, and healing any problems that they might have with their breathing. For female Sagittarius there lucky gemstone includes Ruby, Sapphire, amethyst, turquoise, citrine, and blue Topaz. Out of all the stones there lucky one is the blue Topaz. By wearing the blue Topaz, Sagittarius female are able to control all of their sensibilities.[hr]


Number 6 –  Element

The element of Sagittarius is fire, which is also the elements for Leo and Aries. Like fire, Sagittarius are known to have larger-than-life personalities but they also can get out of control sometimes. The element of fire are known to be spontaneous, creative, possess a passion for life, and are very courageous. Fire is also considered to be the sexiest sign of the zodiac and will do anything for true love but with the good there is also a bad side such as being sore losers and if they don’t get their way, look out. They also can be very bossy, selfish, and forceful. So if you ever encounter a Sagittarius with these traits its best to just leave them alone but on a high note fire signs can be very fun and creative people and also they can be very strong and self-assured.[hr]


Number 5 –  Yin Yang

Sagittarius polarity is Yang. Yang’s in the zodiac are known to be people that love to explore with new ideas and are also people that love to travel and find new things. Yang’s are known to be introverts and live for adventure, the also the type of people who love to share their problems with other people and they also are the type that they don’t like to be alone for to be around other people and doing social events. Since Yang’s like to travel so they prefer jobs which they can meet new people every day and travel to different places, the also prefer jobs that are very sociable with others such as customer service, social worker, a barber, a bartender etc. Yang’s love life they also want to find their greatest love and are willing to do anything to get it.[hr]


Number 4 –  Lucky Day

Sagittarius lucky day is Thursday which is the day for optimism and this day is ruled by the planet Jupiter. Protection, property, and abundance, are traits that come from the mix of Jupiter and Thursday. Thursday for Sagittarius brings them stability, self-assurance, confidence, and harmony. There many things that Sagittarius can do on their lucky day to bring them luck such as take a self-improvement class, build and herb garden, take friends or family out to dinner, invest, donate to your favorite charity, broaden your horizon and take a trip, or even learning a new language. There also lucky callers that where on Thursdays bring you even more luck such as turquoise, amethyst, lapis lazuli, is also good to wear blue, red, and yellow is also lucky to decorate your office in your home carnations.[hr]


Number 3 –  Compatibility

Sagittarius are compatible with Aquarius, Leo, Aries, and Libra but out of these four, they are more compatible with Aries because they both share the element of fire and they are both very passionate. Even though Aries are more vein than Sagittarius but Sagittarius has the ability to calm down and relax and Aries. These two zodiac’s share the same trait of honesty so they both have the capability of knowing when someone is lying. These two signs respect one another and therefore no matter what activity they do they will have fun with one another. Aries and Sagittarius are both very spontaneous and adventurous people and not many other zodiac signs can keep up with them and they enjoy the challenge of competing with each other and loving every minute of it. Next in line is Aquarius, Libra, and Leo.[hr]


–  Weaknesses and Strengths

Sagittarius weaknesses and strengths. Their strengths consists of freedom and their ability to decide their choices that they make in life, honesty even though they are sometimes too honest there are very kind and polite they love to share their emotions with others in a very outspoken. They never let others influence their lives and are very independent they love to explore and start new adventures of excitement. They are very generous have huge hearts, they are there for anyone who needs a shoulder to cry and they are great listeners. They’re very smart and optimistic, they’re always looking for something deeper such as religion and the meaning of life. With their strengths they also possess weaknesses such as they are very careless things they do and taking things for granted the also lack patients so if they want something now and they don’t get it and they become very stressed out and irresponsible. Sometimes they can become overly confident because they have big egos and love being the center of attention they are people that believe that they are always right which makes them make mistakes. Sagittarius also has a problem to tell other people how they should live makes them very tactless this is a trait that can push other people away and even hurt his feelings to cause you to lose friends.[hr]


Number 2 –  Dates

Zodiac Sign Sign Of The Zodiac Horoscope The Shooter

Sagittarius are on the days of November 23 through December 22. Sagittarius is located ninth in the astrological sign and extents length of 240 – 270 of the zodiac. This sign is associated with Greek mythologies centaur Chiron who was a mentor to the great Achilles, who was a Greek hero, half man, half god. Sagittarius symbol is a half man half horse with the bow and arrow called the Archer and is consider a healer and a connection between heaven and earth. You said that will that are born of these dates are Sagittarius and are considered to be principled, understanding, have an appetite to learn, and loves to travel.[hr]

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