Top 10 Most Deadly Creatures In The Sea

Number 10 –  Stingray


There are a few different rays found in the sea such as Bat Rays, Manta Rays, and Stingrays. Out of these different rays there is only one that is very deadly, the Stingray. The stingray is found mostly in warmer and shallow waters in many parts of the world and is also related to sharks. These rays can get up to 6 1/2 feet, and around 790 pounds. Stingrays usually bury themselves in the sand and have electrical sensors which helps them find food. The barb at the end of their tail which has very sharp pointy edges all down the side of it which also holds considerably amounts of venom which is strong enough to kill any type of fish and even a human being.[hr]

Number 9 –  Fire Coral


Looking more like a plant than a creature, the Fire Coral is a living marine organism which is not really a coral at all but is actually related to the hydrozoans and the hydras, such as a jellyfish. These very dangerous organisms, mostly found in the Caribbean, Bermuda, and in the Florida coastal waters. They can be identified by their yellowish-brown and green color. Fire coral use their venom to catch prey, and most people get stung by these by grabbing them and stepping on them. The sting from this creature can cause very severe burning, vomiting, and nausea and can also cause swelling of the tongue, throat, face and shortness of breath.[hr]

Number 8 –  Lionfish


Considered one of the most amazing and beautiful fish of the sea, is the lionfish which is also called fire fish, zebra fish, and a butterfly cod. The lionfish usually have white and black bands with red tips on their pointy fins which holds their venom. These very poisonous fish are mostly found in the Mediterranean and Caribbean Sea in some parts of West of the Atlantic. They feed off mainly mollusks and small fish and can live up to 15 years. To defend themselves from their enemies they use their spines that holds poisonous venom which is a nitric oxide and can cause vomiting, extreme pain, dizziness, nausea, fever, headaches, heartburn, convulsions, sweating, and diarrhea to human beings but even more dangerous it can cause heart failure and death.[hr]

Number 7 –  Stone Fish


One of the most camouflaged fish that looks more like a rock, laying on the bottom of the oceanis the Stone fish which are found mainly in the Red Sea. These poisonous fish are considered to be the most poisonous fish found in any part of the world and it’s very deadly, even to humans. These fish have great camouflage abilities because of their multicolored and very textured skin which they also has very long and sharp dorsal fins which are filled with venom and are used to protect themselves by sticking them out. Most humans get stung by these fish by accidentally stepping on them but even though they’re sting can be deadly there are ways to treat them one being to put a very high heat on it, at least 113°F which is 45°C. These high temperatures are known to kill off the venom from a stone fish sting.[hr]

Number 6 –  Sea Snake

The very deadly Sea Snake which can be identified by there yellow and black stripes.


Found in the warm waters in the coral reef of the Pacific and the Indian Ocean is the very slithery, see snake. The snakes are marked with yellow and black stripes and is related to elapid snakes which are very poisonous themselves. They can only be found in the ocean but there is a type of sea snake called the Laticauda, that can crawl on land. See snakes also have a flattened tale which helps them move in the water and also can give them an appearance of an eel. In all the snakes in the world, the sea snake is considered the most deadly but it is said that they rarely bite and only a very low amount people have been bitten by one of these snakes but when they do, they can cause many symptoms such as a swollen tongue  which can cause a person to stop breathing, severe headaches, very sore muscles, paralysis, and death.[hr]

Number 5 –  Blue Ringed Octopus


Some of the most deadliest creatures are found in Australia, among them is the very beautiful blue ringed octopus. These octopus are found only in Australia but throughout the coral reef in the Indian Ocean all through to the Pacific. There skin is a yellowish color with black and blue rings, covering their bodies which change colors when they fill threatened. These very poison but small creatures only eat other small creatures such as crustaceans, shrimp, and crabs. They only range from 5 to 8 inches in size but even though they have a very calm nature about them they are very deadly to humans because of their very powerful venom contains the neurotoxin named tetrodotoxin. This poison is said to be so strong that it could kill up to 30 people in just a few minutes.[hr]

Number 4 –  Tiger Shark


Found in very warm and tropical waters throughout the central Pacific islands especially the Hawaiian Islands there lurks a monstrous 16th fit 5 inch man eater called the tiger shark. These sharks get their name from the stripes that are in line throughout their body resembling a tiger‘s stripes, but as they get older the stripes fade more and more. In all the other sharks in the ocean, the tiger shark is known to eat a larger range of different pray among them are seals, dolphins, sea turtles, different kinds of fish, crustaceans, squid, sea snakes, other sharks, and even birds. The sharks are also known as garbage eaters and get this name from a multitude of man-made objects found in their stomachs, license plates being one of them. The Tiger shark has killed more humans than any other shark except for the great white.[hr]

Number 3 –  Box Jellyfish


Known to carry a very strong and painful sting, a sting so strong, that it is very deadly for humans. This strong and painful sting belongs to the box jellyfish which gets its name because of its body is shaped like a box and from the bottoms of them, hang long tentacles that are very hollow and slender and is where their venom is stored. These jellyfish are also the fastest moving jellyfish in the ocean and they can only see light and dark objects but not actual forms so they have 24 eyes to help them to get around and to catch prey. A box jellyfish can get as big as 12 inches in diameter and its tentacles can reach the length of almost 10 feet long, they can weigh up to 4 1/2 pounds. The tentacles of the box jellyfish contains about 500,000 cnidocytes of the poison called nematocysts and they shoots its victims with venom through a microscopic mechanism that is shaped like a harpoon.[hr]

–  Saltwater Crocodile


Out of all the reptiles on the planet, there is one that lives in the sea, it is the largest out of all of them with the length of over 23 feet and the weight of 2,600 pounds, it is the saltwater crocodile. Also known as a saltie or a sea crocodile, these reptiles are mostly found in lagoons, deltas, swamps, and a few rivers located throughout Northern Australia and Southeast Asia. Since these reptiles are so big, the food that they eat is also big in size such as sharks, large mammals, other reptiles, and even humans.[hr]

Number 2 –  Great White Shark


Found in all major, coastal waters, and probably one of the most feared creatures on earth is the great white shark. These sharks have been found with the length of over 22 feet long and weighing almost 5,000 pounds and one thing that’s weird about the size of these sharks, is that the females grow larger than the males. It is also said that females reach sexual maturity at around 33 years before they can produce any offspring, a male reaches sexual maturity at around 26 years of age. The great white is the predator of nothing except for the killer whale and only when the whale has a taste for shark or feels threatened. Like a lot of other sharks, the great white has multiple rows of teeth for the purpose of when they lose one tooth, another one will move forward to replace it and it is said to have the bite force of 7,328 pounds.[hr]

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