Top 10 Most Amazing Hi Tech Trains In The World

Number 10 –  The Eurostar E320 Veluro

Eurostar Siemens Velaro E320 started its operation at the end of 2015, and is the fourth generation in the Siemens line. The E320 project cost over $307 million and had eight investors all international banks. The Eurostar E320 has over 16,000 kW of power which gives it the power to reach up to 200 mph. It has 64 axles and can carry 900 passengers, this is possible because the entire technical modules and propulsion system lays under the floor of the entire train, giving more room. With Europe’s eight different power systems and contact lines, the train’s roof has pantographs to deal with them all. The Velaro E320 also has a pneumatic brake system, a rheostatic brake system, and a regenerated brake system. The train also has fireproof doors that can be used up to30 minutes if the power goes out during a fire. The E320 also has Wi-Fi, flat screen monitors, reading lamps, bigger luggage areas, bigger areas for passengers with a wheelchair, reclining seats and a table that slides out of the way. The nose of the train has a spoiler to help with aerodynamics and the rear of the train has a high roof which helps it to reduce noise when going through tunnels.[hr]

Number 9 –  The CRH2

The CRH2 Harmony Express is also known as the Hexie Hao. 60 sets of this train made from Kawasaki Heavy Industries was purchased by the Ministry of Railway in China, in the year 2004. With the speed of 220 Mph, this train is one of the fastest trains in production. The Harmony Express is actually a modified version of Japan’s bullet train. There are a few different versions of the CRH2 train which also has different characteristics such as the amount of cars that they have, their shape, and there top speed. Assess the CRH2, there’s the CRH2A, consist of eight cars and the maximum operation speed of 155 mph. Then there’s the CRH2B, which has 16 cars and top speed of 155 mph. Then there is the CRH2C, which is also known as the CRH2 – 300, which has the operating speed of 220 mph but only runs at 160 mph for its maximum safe speed. Then there’s the CRH2C stage I train, this train is a modified version of the CRH2A train in which it has the maximum operating speed of 190 mph. But in the future test of the CRH2C stage I, this train reached top speeds of 244.9 mph. There is also the CRH2E, and the CRH2 – 380, both reaching speeds up to 155 mph.[hr]

Number 8 –  The Virgin Class 390 Pendolino

The 390 Pendolino is located in the United Kingdom. The Pendolino was built by Alstom and later after they closed they were built in Italy, using the technology of Fiat Ferroviaria. This trains consist of nine cars and is one of the fastest electric trains in Britain which was designed to reach speeds up to 140 mph but are restricted to the 125 mph. The Virgin class 390 ways around 471 tons is made mostly out of aluminum many because it is smoother than steel. The body of this train is tapered which helps it to tilt around corners, this tapered appearance helps it to avoid hitting other trains passing by. The nose of this train is molded from a composite material which is similar to the way race cars are made and is used for aerodynamics. The Pendolino’s windows are also made smaller and shorter to make its structural integrity very high level in strength. Some of the amenities consist of Virgin Radio, on board headphones, T-Mobile Wi-Fi, power sockets to provide 240 V of electricity, and has dot-matrix LCD displays in the seats.[hr]

Number 7 –  The Velaro RUS EVS

The Velaro Rus EVS electric train is located in Russia which has been running since 2009, it has over 10 cars and can hold up to 604 passengers. For now the Velaro Rus train is capable of reaching speeds up to 155 mph but in the future is said that it will reach speeds up to 217 mph. The amenities include movies that are projected on a screen, they also carry magazines and newspapers as well, and there is Wi-Fi and restaurant cars which serve many types of food and beverages. There is also six classes on this train such as the economy, there’s an economy plus, which includes a meal, there is a dining class which has restaurant cars and the seats surrounds a table, there is a business class which provide bigger seats, and there is a premium class which is also first-class which have fully adjustable seats, and there is also a conference cabin which people can book for groups and meetings.[hr]


Number 6 –  The SPOORWAGON Virm

Nederlandse Spoorwagon Virm

The Spoorwagon is a double-decker electric multiple unit train which is located in the Netherlands. There are 178 of these trains which 80 of them has six carriage sets and the other 98 have four carriage sets. These trains were built in 1994 and there have been newer ones that were built in 2009. The Virm trains can hold up to 571 passengers, hundred and 129 in the first floor and 442 on the second. These trains also make up to 3,202 hp which gets it to speeds up to 99 mph. These trains are called the Virm because instead of having sets that seats four per car they now set six seats per car.[hr]


Number 5 –  The TGV


The TGV train is located in France and is operated by high-speed rail service the SNCF. This train goes to the Netherlands, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Germany, and Luxembourg. He has been operating since 1981 without any fatal accidents. In case of emergency if the driver doesn’t react fast enough to train rural override them and take over. The TGV also has the world record for the fastest wheeled train with the speed of 357.2 mph which it set in 2007 April 3. It is the fastest conventional train in the world doing speeds up to 220 mph. These trains also help generate over $1.75 billion in profits.[hr]


Number 4 –  The Maglev

Japan Maglev Monorail

The Maglev Monorail is also known as the floating train and can only be found in Japan, China, and South Korea, it is a very unique and special train which levitates by using two sets of magnets to push and pull making the train hover in midair making it able to reach speeds up to 310 mph. Because there is no friction from train tracks and no moving parts the Maglev can reach very stable and smoother high speeds than more traditional trains, they also can stop a lot faster.[hr]


Number 3 –  The A.V.E.


The A.V.E. stands for Alta Velocidad Espanolo which translates to “Spanish High Speed” and is located in Spain which travels to and from Madrid and Barcelona also to Seville, Malaga, Valencia, and Córdoba. Its amenities include a bar, video screens, air-conditioning, child’s play area, coffee bar, audio system, child supervision, disabled facilities, restaurants, newspapers and magazines, and power sockets. The A.V.E. train can reach speeds up to 193 mph. This HSR network is the largest in Europe and is the second biggest in the world.[hr]


–  The Bullet Train

The Bullet Train

The Bullet Train is also known as Shinkansen and is located in Japan. These high speed trains are not only one train but a network of trains and is operated by five companies called the Japan Railways Group. The bullet train has an operating speed of 200 mph and set a world record of 375 mph. This train has 16 cars and seats 1,323 passengers. Compared with conventional trains, the bullet train uses multiple range and more advanced technology. This system is an electric multiple unit which helps it to decelerate and accelerate which helps to keep the tracks from getting damaged and is also lighter than most conventional trains and is air sealed to help stable the air pressure in the cars at high speeds when entering tunnels.[hr]

Number 2 –  The Flying Train

The Flying Train

The Flying Train is a concept train that is said to maybe around in the year 2100. These trains are said to fly with the help of vacuum sealed tubes and will be able to reach speeds up to 700 mph. Basically these are train cars shaped like tubes that commute to an airport by a train track, where it then connects itself to a pair of wings and a cockpit which then takes off and flies you to your destination.[hr]


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