Top 10 Coolest Water Towers In The World

When it comes to water towers you usually do not think of amazing pieces of art. You usually don’t even think of anything that is cosmetically pleasing. Most water towers are very boring looking and not all that cool. However, there are some water towers in the world that take it to the next level and are so beautiful that they even become a tourist attraction. Below is a list of the most amazing and coolest water towers in the world.

Number 10 – Ireland Water Towers

Ireland is a country of many different things, but you’d be surprised to know that it is considered the water tower capital of the world. The entire country is not only lined with a ton of different water towers, but it’s water towers have a very unique appearance. The water towers in Ireland are usually built out of pure concrete and shaped in ways that make them look incredible. The two water towers shown in the picture above are just a few of Ireland’s many amazing looking water towers.


Number 9 – Kuwait Water Towers

Kuwait is a country that is growing economically and increasingly becoming one of the top tourist destinations in the world. Surprisingly, one of their most iconic tourist attractions are the water towns located in Kuwait City. These water towers have a very unique appearance and are equipped with different colored lights at night to make them one of the most renowned landmarks in Kuwait City.


Number 8Brooklyn Water Tower, New York

The Brooklyn water Tower lies in the heart of Brooklyn New York. This unique looking water tower is made from 1000 different pieces of reclaimed multicolor Plexiglas. At night time the tower is even more prominent and amazing things to an internal lighting mechanism. The sliding mechanism illuminates the water tower so much that you can see it from virtually any high-rise building within the city.


Number 7 – Old Lady Water Tower, Hungary

Old Lady water Tower is located in the country of Hungary. It is situated in the city of Szeged. Its construction began in the summer of 2005 and was completed by May 2006. Its construction was part of a revamping process of Szent Istvan Square, a popular Metropolitan business in Szeged. Constructed by the renowned contracting company SADE Hungary Inc., this amazing piece of engineering remains the icon of Szeged to this very day.


Number 6Leaning Water Tower of Niles

The leaning Tower of Niles is located in Niles Illinois. It was inspired by the leaning Tower of Pisa and was constructed in 1934. Industrialist Robert IIG originally designed the tower as part of a recreation park for the employees of his electric ventilation company. While it was originally designed to store water, it was designed to store water for the purpose of the outdoor recreation parks swimming pools. In 1960 water tower was sold to the local YMCA. In 2015 it was officially purchased by the Niles village board. Subsequently, the board approved a contract to repair and renovate the water tower which costs over $500,000.


Number 5“Peachoid”, Gaffney South Carolina

At first glance it is easy to assume that this peach water tower is located in Georgia. Georgia is the number one state in the US in terms of peach farming, but this giant peach water tower named “peachoid”, is actually located in South Carolina. Located in the city Gaffney, this peach water tower is hundred and 35 feet it holds approximately 1 million gallons. The tower is so tall that it can be seen from miles away. It was constructed in 1981 by the Chicago Bridge and iron company.


Number 4Corn Cob Water Tower, Rochester Minnesota

This corncob water tower is located in Rochester Minnesota. It was originally constructed as part of the Libby foods plant in South Rochester. However, Seneca foods bought out Libby foods and the tower is now part of the Seneca foods family. The tower is a landmark relic’s, but the recent actions monks local children have put the future of the tower in jeopardy. This is because local youth have increasingly tried to climb the tower. While it has been by the city multiple times to tear the tower down to prevent local youth from climbing, the tower still remains up. The tower stands 60 feet tall and holds approximately 50,000 gallons of water. It was constructed in 1931.


Number 3Earthoid Water Tank, Germantown Maryland

The earthoid water tank sits on Montgomery colleges Germantown campus. This amazing and accurate globe of earth in the form of a water tank started off as a simple project in 1980 by a couple of the schools students. While it doesn’t look enormously huge in the picture, this water tank stands 100 feet tall. It holds an incredible 2 million gallons of water. Once the tank structure was completed the students hired artist Peter Freudenberg to commission the outside painting. Incredibly, the Globe is a perfect depiction of planet Earth, the continents and oceans. These are done perfect proportion. It has been an iconic landmark at Montgomery College in Germantown since the 1980s, but has recently gained notoriety on a global level as a symbol of environmental protection. Every year on Earth Day, you will see many people posting this picture on social media and referencing this as a symbol for environmental protection.


Number 2“Eyes of Texas” Water Tower

The eyes of Texas refers to a water tower in Austin Texas that is plain white, but uses a light to project the image of a gigantic eyeball on the top of a water tower. This was created in 2006 by a local artist named Luke savisky. As the project artist, savisky decided to unveil this as a prank at first on New Year’s. Since then, the eyeball water tower has continued to be illuminated and has become an iconic figure in the city.


Number 1Water Tower House, Belgium

What you see in picture was once a water has now been converted into a luxury home.The water tower in which this home was recycled from was built from 1930 to 1941. As amazing as the outside looks, the inside of this water is absolutely huge. Not only is a huge, but it is equally as extravagant. From the inside it has the looks of a 1 million home.

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