Top 10 Coolest Fire Stations In The World

Number 10 –  Central Station, Singapore

The oldest known fire station in Singapore which was constructed in 1908, is the Central Fire Station which is located in Fort Canning Hill on Hill Street. This very old but beautiful fire station is known as the blood and bandage building which received its name all the red, exposed bricks by the layovers that are plastered and paint white. 110 foot lookout tower is one of the most impressive parts of this fire station. [hr]

Number 9 –  Tromso Fire Station, Norway

One of the most modern firehouses is the three-story Tromso Fire Station which is located in Norway. This fire station is filled with all the necessities that a firemen could ask for such as: classrooms, fire response areas, living quarters, a gymnasium which is located on the top floor, and of course, last but not least the emergency response vehicles. The Tromso built in 2008 in Forsoket, Norway. This fire station wouldn’t be complete without its very unique fire tower, located in front of the building.[hr]

Number 8 –  375 Houten Fire Station, Netherlands

The year 2000 a firehouse was created with a very unique arch design, located in the Netherlands, it’s called the Houten Fire Station. One of the main features that makes this fire station so unique besides it been shaped in an arch, is that it is completely powered by the sun, in that it contains 400 m2 solar panels. This firehouse is also built with the whole front and two of its sides completely transparent. This building is set up to hold six fire trucks and has over 60 volunteers and four professional firefighters that work hard to keep their city safe.[hr]

Number 7 –  Ave Fenix Fire Station, Mexico

This unique fire station that is covered with mirrors and LED lights is called the Ave Fenix Fire Station which is located in Chihuahua, Mexico and was constructed in 2005. Besides the main fire station building, is another building which was made for training and consultations, this part of the building is also open to the public. One of the really unique features of this fire station is the red transparent, circular tubes that contain the poles for the firemen to the slide down[hr]

Number 6 –  Berlin Fire Station

This building, not only does it house the fire department, it also houses the local police department. Built in 2004 is this very colorful and unique firehouse located in Berlin, Germany. This building was once a Prussian costumes and tax authorities office and later was renovated for the local fire and police department. There is an underground area which holds all of the emergency vehicles including the fire engines and the police cars.[hr]

Number 5 –  Fire Brigade Margreid, Italy

This awesome looking site is the Margreid Fire Department, located in Margreid, Italy and was finished in 2010. What makes this fire station so awesome is that it was built inside of a mountain, with three huge holes dug out to create an area for the emergency vehicles such as ambulances and the fire trucks and another area for offices, restrooms, and sleeping areas. The black wall is made from concrete has a slight angle which is positioned in front of the building to protect it from falling rocks.[hr]

Number 4 –  Parque de Bombas, Porto Rico

Located in the Plaza Las Delicias town square, Ponce, Puerto Rico is a very beautiful red and black building known as the Parque de Bombas which in English translates firehouse. This is one of Puerto Rico’s most rare and historic buildings and recognizable landmarks. This fire station was Puerto Rico’s first ever fire station but in 1990 he would be closed down as a working fire station and turned into a museum. This building is made up of galvanizing sheets of metal for the roof which is pitched, the building itself is built with wood, and also had very narrow windows that were lit by large lights[hr]

Number 3 –  College Station Fire Department No. 6, Texas. USA

In the heart of Texas is this very beautiful and unique fire station, not only do these firemen serve the local commercial area but they are also the fire department for Texas A&M University. As you walk through the hose tower which houses a lot of historic memorabilia, you enter what is called the multipurpose room which was built for community groups to have their meetings is also used to train future firemen. This firehouse created for a family atmosphere not only does it have fire poles, and areas for emergency vehicles but it is also made with the outdoor grill and picnic area and also has a dining room for family dinners.[hr]

–  Cologne Fire Brigade, Germany

This very unusual four-story tall piece of art was completed in 2006 and houses the Cologne Fire Brigade in Germany. This building not only holds the local fire department, it also is used as their training facility. With its very bright red, latticework on its circular frame makes this firehouse very unique and very easy to spot. With another adjacent building that is connected to the main firehouse by glass bridge it is used for living quarters for the firemen it also holds an emergency call center and a school.[hr]

Number 2 –  Bergen Fire Station, Norway

This gorgeous four floor firehouse, made from wood, copper, and other metals, surrounded by glass, is Norway’s Bergen Fire Station that was opened for use in 2007. This very unique firehouse fitted with a workshop, storage rooms, dressing rooms, technical rooms, and the garage for the emergency vehicles are all located the first and second floors. The third and fourth floors contain a living room and bedrooms for all the fireman there’s also a fireman’s pole that is used for fast dissent to the garage area. The bridge area is also used to shelter the outside parking lot is also contains an exercise room and the room known as the rehearsal room. The huge lookout tower is also connected to the bridge and is the entrance to the tower.[hr]

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