Top 10 Coolest Boats In The World

Boats have been a staple of human civilization since the earliest beginnings. Today, they continue to be a major part of everything we do as humans. While most boats look unremarkable and simply suited for their jobs, others push the boundaries of marine engineering. Coming in many varieties, the boats in this article will simply amaze you. Below is a list of the top 10 coolest boats in the world.

Number 10 – Gibbs Humdinga Amphibious Truck-Boat Hybrid 

The Gibbs humdinga is one of the only amphibious vehicles in the world to combine the truck and boat concept. As you can see the result is absolutely stunning and produces an amazing piece of engineering/design.

If you love trucks and boats then this is got to be your dream vehicle. The Gibbs Humdinga amphibious truck is able to reach speeds of 30 miles per hour on the water and can even approach speeds of up to 100 mph on the road.Not only can it maneuver perfectly on land and water, but it is also four-wheel-drive allowing it to be used as a full-fledged truck in the winter.


Number 9 – Ego-Compact Semi Submarine

A photo of the EGO-Compact semi-submarine out of the water. In this demo picture you can see the entire design of the semi-submarine including the underwater viewing compartment, propellers, deck rails, and 2 side floatation pontoons.

The EGO-Compact semi-submarine is basically a boat with submarine abilities. With the EGO you can choose to relax on the sun deck to catch some rays or you can get a glimpse at the sea life that most people will never get to experience. It has a built-in navigation system in the lower submarine compartment. This is definitely one of the most innovative, creative, and just flat out cool boats on the planet. It combines modern design with practical use perfectly to produce a one-of-a-kind machine.


Number 8 – The Helicat 

The helicat gliding across waters at high speed. Due its unique design its able to blow through choppy waters and still deliver a smooth ride.

The helicat is one of the most unique boats in the world in terms of design. With a catamaran design packed into a smaller frame, the helicat is able to avoid many of the issues that come with choppy water. It is equipped with two side pontoons that cut through water tension and allow it to remain in the water without bouncing with each wave. The growing popularity of the helicat has led to it being a popular island to island transport boat being highly efficient over short distances.


Number 7 – Hot Tub Boat

People enjoying a relaxing and warm drift out in the sea with the hot tub boat. It is even equipped with coolers and a wooden teak bar on the back if you feel like taking a momentary dip in the ocean.

This is boat is made by a company simply titled “Hot Tub Boats” located in Seattle Washington . It runs entirely off electric making it eco-friendly and cost friendly by avoiding petroleum based fueling. As far as water is concerned there is no worry about space. The haul can fit a whooping 2,100 pounds of water and can fit as many as 10 people. It comes with all the adjustables as any hot tub plus a built-in speaker system that can sync with smart devices, a beverage cooler to store drinks, and a lighting system for nighttime use.


Number 6 – Ceres Flying Dolphin Hydrofoil 

The dolphin hydrofoil speeding through the ocean without even touching the water. This unique shape makes the boat considerable more aerodynamic and reduces drag due to water friction.

The flying dolphin hydrofoil boat is the oldest boat on this list and shoes that amazing never gets old. Built many years ago as a tourist shuttle, this greek boat has stood the test of time. It remains one of the most popular and iconic boats in the world.


Number 5 – Proteus Wave Adaptive Module Boat

The Proteus WAM-V slashing over waves with its amazing catamaran design. The choppiest waters on earth couldn’t knock this monster off course.

Proteus is a company that is pushing the envelope with boat design. This catamaran style boat is built to function like an ocean helicopter. The unique design developed by Mark Gunderson enables the boat to manuever over almost anything. Its enhanced manueverability is due to the fact that the design enables the boat to ride on top of the waves rather than through them. This not produces a smoother ride, but greatly enhances efficiency.


Number 4 – Nauti-Craft Suspension Boat

Comparison of the Nauti-Craft marine suspension technology boat vs an ordinary boat. The difference in size and technology makes the Nauti-Craft a boat to be wreckoned with on the sea. This is the boat equivalent of a 4-wheeler.

The nauti-craft is another incredibly unique boat. Amazingly, it uses a suspension technology that does the opposite of what a catmaran does and achieves the same thing. A catamaran rolls out while turning while the nauti-craft rolls in. It also featues pitch control, deck-altitude control, and a mega horse power twin engine.


Number 3 – Hoverwing, Flying Boat

A photo of a woman taking to skies in the hoverwing. The hoverwing can fly as high as 20 feet in the air to easily jump over rough waves or any large objects in its way.

The hoverwing is one of a handful of boats that have been engineered to achieve flight. The hoverwing is equipped with two wings that allow the watercraft to take advantage of something called the “ground effect” to fly. The main purpose of the built-in ability to fly the boat is for circumstances of either rough ocean seas or to fly over large debri instead of having to drive around it. Best of all, the hoverwing is not able to achieve flights above 20ft. Therefore, you do not need a pilots license to operate the hoverwing in the air.


Number 2 – The Seabreacher

A photo of an orca whale seabreacher. The sea breacher is able to remarkably resembles an orca whale both in appearance and water movement.

When it comes to unique watercrafts, its hard to get more unique than the killer whale seabreacher. What is so amazing about this boat is that it looks more like a world war 2 fighter plane and basically performs like one in the water. Able to dive down to up to five feet under water, this speed ship can re-emerge and fly out of the water like a breaching whale. It even includes a properly located blowhole that shoots excess water out.


Number 1 – The Oculus Yacht

The Oculus Yacht is unquestionably the coolest yacht in the world. From its ability to morph into different shapes to its fish eye design, this boat amazes in so many ways.

Every yacht out there is cool in at least some way or has a few unique features you usually dont see in boats. However, the Oculus yacht puts all the others to shame in uniqueness. The 250 feet long boat is designed to FULLY accomadate 14 people. In addition to amazing built-in accomodation design, the boat is able to reach very high speeds considering its size. The Oculus can easily exceed 20 Knots in almost any ocean condition.

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