50 Coolest And Most Amazing Bathtubs In The World

Whether we realize it or not, having a nice bathtub is one of the most therapeutic/relaxing home commodities there is. Having a nice bathtub can be the difference between a tranquil experience and one that makes you want to get out of the tub as soon as possible. Studies have even show that having a nice cleansing area increases the frequency of bathing and thus reduces disease! When it comes to the bathtubs below, you wouldn’t have to worry about a bad experience as these are the most amazing home bathtubs in the world. Below is a list of the Top 10 most amazing personal bathtubs on earth.

Number 10 – Modern Glass Bathtub

A picture says a thousand words and that’s certainly the case with this photo. There are so many different compliments that you could give this modern looking glass bathtub. Made with a wood base, it has built-in water jets that shoot through the wood base to give a massaging effect. Also, the chair in which you lay into to bath is shaped perfectly like a lounge chair for maximal comfort. If all that wasn’t enough to make your mouth drop, it has a built-in lamp to enjoy a nice bath in the dark.

Number 9 – Red Diamond Bathtub

The red diamond bathtub is quite simply the most insane and cool bathtub on the planet. First of all, it comes in a bright red hue not typical of most bathtub color decors. It comes equipped with TWO flat screen plasma TV’s that rotate to give you whatever view you want. If you are wondering where the diamond part of the name comes from, it has a number of diamond made features including a diamond-coated control panel.

Number 8 – Oval Stone Bathtub

It would not be easy to get your hands on a piece of natural-cut layered stone, but if you did, you would want it to look like the stone bathtub above. This stone bathtub has no metal components besides the faucets and handles that are attached to the wall. Also features a beautiful and modern oval design.

Number 7 – Garden Faucet Bathtub

What sets this garden faucet bathtub apart is its surrounding decor. It also has some very unique features built into the tub itself. Those include a rectangular gravity faucet, ship handle style hot/cold handles, and a bevy of trays to house beverages/edibles.

Number 6 – La Scala Jacuzzi Bathtub

The La Scala Jacuzzi bathtub was a very early model of what we now refer to as “smart tubs” and remains one of the most amazing on the market. With its beautiful design and smart control panel, this tub offers endless entertainment options.

Number 5 – Ceiling Faucet Bathtub

This is one of the most unique bathtubs in the world. It contains a ceiling water faucet that fills the tub. The ceiling water faucet is equipped with LED lighting to color the stream of water as it falls from the ceiling. Also, it is a large oversized bathtub capable of serving as a hot tub.

Number 4 – Modern Oval Bathtub

This is one of the most modern looking bathtub designs out there. This combines a unique mix of architecture to produce a bathtub that breaks the mold. Perhaps the coolest part of the tub are the dual water spouts. Imagine your bathtub filling up from both ends. With this bathtub, that is accomplished!

Number 3 – Baldi Crystal Rock Bathtub

Believe it or not, this bathtub costs a whopping one million dollars and is made of pure crystal. This million dollar tub was specially ordered by Tamara Ecclestone. Ecclestone is the daughter of late formula one motor company founder Bernie Ecclestone and is quite a spender. When asked why she was willing to pay so much for something as simple as a bathtub, she replied with “I spend a lot of time in the tub, so it’s worth it”. Either way, this crazy custom order lead to the world’s first custom made real crystal bathtub.

Number 2 – Vessel Hammock Bathtub

This amazing bathtub is made by Splinter Works, a company based in the United Kingdom. Among their custom and unique bathtubs, the vessel hammock model has made them famous. This incredible bathtub is equipped with a pool style fountain to fill it with water. Perhaps, the coolest part of the whole apparatus is the drain. When you are done bathing in your hammock tub you can pull the drain plug and watch it empty out in the floor drain.

Number 1 – Recycled Tank Tub

This recycled tank tub is made by the steampunk furniture company. Specialty made from an old underground storage tank, this bathtub goes even further back than retro. Unfortunately, it is not known(online at least) what exactly this bathtub is made of and what inspired the customer to order it. Nonetheless, it is an incredibly cool bathtub that features a long design, fully functional hot/cold handles, and one-of-a-kind vintage appearance.


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