Top 10 Biggest Helicopters In The World

Number 10 –  Mil Mi 38

With the router blades made from a new composite and a avionics system which is made into the Tranzas glass cockpit, The Mil Mi-38 transport helicopter was designed in a plant in Moscow. In 2003, on the 22nd day of December, the Mil Mi-38 would take its first flight and replacing the Mi-17. His helicopter even before coming in production would set five records in the E1 H class and later set and altitude record of 28,280 feet (8,620 meters). The Mi-38 is built for both civilian and military purposes and is used by the Russian Armed Forces. With the passenger capacity of 30 and can be controlled by one to three crew members, this copter is the length of 64.6 feet and the height of 18.8 feet, and has a rotor diameter 69.2 feet. It also carries two Kilmov TV7-117V turboshaft engines that produce 2,800 shp each, which helps it fly up to 190 miles per hour.

Number 9 –  Sikorsky CH-64 Skycrane


Considered the crane in the sky and has been used help put out bush fires, the Sikorsky VH-64 is a US Army copter turned civilian. This helicopter was produced by the Erickson air crane company and had its first flight in 1962 on the ninth day of May. The main rotor is fitted with six blades and powered by two turboshaft engines made by Pratt and Whitney, giving each engine 4,500 shp each and can reach speeds up to 105 mph. Can only hold up to five passengers including the crew, it has the overall length 70’3″ and the height of 18’7″, it can carry up to 20,000 lb.[hr]

Number 8 –  Sikorsky CH-54 Tarhe


Named after an 18th-century Indian chief named Tarhe which means “The Crane”, this sky Crane is used by the United States Army and is called the Sikorsky CH-54 Tarhe. There would be 105 of these copters produced for the U.S. Army in 1962 but would be retired in 1991. They would have a huge role in the Vietnam War, transporting vehicles and downed aircraft that could also carry troops to their destination. These copters also can be used to carry gallons of water help put out huge fires. The Tarhe has a crew of three and can carry up to 20,000 lb. he has the length of 88’6″ and the high of 25’5″ with the rotor diameter of 72 feet. It has two of the Pratt & Whitney T73 – P – 700 turboshaft engines that produce 4,800 shp each, giving it the power to produce up to 150 mph.[hr]

Number 7 –  Boeing CH-47 Chinook


Named after a Washington State Indian tribe “The Chinook”, is the Boeing CH – 47 tandem rotor, heavy lifting, and twin engine helicopter. The Chinook was made in America 1961 on 21 of September for the United States Army with over 1,200 built, and a price tag of $38.55 million each. These copters would be used in Vietnam as a transport helicopter with its most important role, carrying artillery batteries and ammunitions high in the mountains of Vietnam. These copters would be fitted with a M-60 machine gun on both its sides. It can hold up to 55 troops and the crew of three. The Length of 98’10”, and the hight of 18’11”, with a rotor diameter of 60 feet. Two turboshaft engines, producing 4,733 shp pushed this monster up to 196 mph.[hr]

Number 6 –  Bell Boeing V-12 Osprey


Talk about one of the most coolest helicopters in the world, this one is basically a airplane that can take off vertically with the help of two propellers, one on each side and with the ability to rotate gives it the takeoff and hovering ability of a helicopter with a slight turn makes it move foward, the more turns the faster it goes. The V – 22 Osprey is used by United States Air Force, United States Navy, and the United States Marines. Even though it’s been tested since 1989, it wasn’t used by the military till June 13, 2007. These copters have been used in many battles such as Libya, Kuwait, Afghanistan, and Iraq for the use to deploy medevac operations and for transporting equipment. The Osprey can carry up to 32 troops and 4 crewmembers, can also carry up to one light ground vehicle. It has to length of 57’4″, the height of 22’1″, a rotor diameter of 38 feet, and with the wingspan of 45’10”. This copter and carry up to 47,500 pounds, hard by two Rolls-Royce turboshaft engines that produce 6,150 hp each.[hr]

Number 5 –  Sikorsky CH-53E Super Stallion


Built for the United States Marine Corps and the United States Navy as a heavy lifting cargo helicopter, the CH – 53E Super Stallion was produced between the years 1978 to the early 80s. There were 234 of these copters built with each one of them costing $24.36 million. The copters for the Navy was called the Sea Dragon and they were used for lifting heavy objects, Airborne Mine Countermeasures Missions and even used for long-range mine sweeping. These helicopters can carry up to 37 troops and a crew of five. It could also carry up to 36,000 pounds of cargo, it has the length of 99 feet, the height of 27’9″ with the rotor diameter of 79 feet. It is powered by three General Electric turboshaft engines that produce 4,380 shp each pushes this huge copter to 196 mph.[hr]

Number 4 –  Mil Mi-6 Hook


One of the heavy transport helicopters for the Russians, not only for their military but also for their civilian use as well. The Mil Mi-6 was nicknamed the “Hook”. These copters were produced between 1959 – 1980 with over 926 built, having the first flight in 19 seven, he was retired in 2002. This helicopter had winglets mounted on its sides to help to lift the vehicle while in flight. It could carry 90 passengers and up to 70 troops and 6 crew members, it could also be used to carry vehicles and crates of equipment such as weapons. The overall length of this copter is 108’10”, hight of 32’4″, a rotor diameter of 114’10” carry a max load of 93,700 pounds. It is powered by two Soloviev D-25V engines that are turboshaft and produce 5,500 shp each giving it a max speed of 300 km/h.[hr]

Number 3 –  Mil Mi-10 Harke


A helicopter, used as a crane for the Russians given the name “Harke” by NATO created by a company named Mi-6. The Mil Mi-10 was developed to be used to move very large loads with precise precision. There was 55 of these built and mainly used for only Russian military. With the use of long vertical legs with wheels on each one, allowing for more stability and cargo space. It also has a cockpit with a auxiliary power unit plus a scape slide cable to help in case of an emergency. This Russian copter can hold up to 28 passengers 5 crew members. It has an overall length of 10 7’10”, and a rotor diameter of 114’10” and is powered by two Soloviev D-25V turboshaft motors that produce 5,500 hp each.[hr]

–  Mi-26 Halo


A helicopter used for military and civilian operations by the Soviet Union known as Halo by NATO. This Russian helicopter is the Mi-26 a heavy operations transport helicopter and is one of the most powerful largest copters to ever be built. In 1977 the 14th of December, it had its first flight and it wouldnt be until 1983 and used by the first time the Russians Air Force. There were over 316 of the Mi-26’s built, and had a price tag of $25 million each. The main job of this copter is to deliver military equipment, mainly ballistic missiles. The Mi-26 can carry up to 90 troops and five crew members. The overall height 26 feet and 8 inches, with the length being 131 feet and 3 inches and a rotor diameter of 105 feet. This helicopter could carry 109,350 pounds and is powered by two Lotarev D-136 turboshaft engines that produce 10-12,000 shp each, giving this copter a max speed of 183 mph.[hr]

Number 2 –  Mi V12 Homer


Now for the biggest of them all, nicknamed “Homer” by NATO. The Mil V-12 helicopter is a Russian vehicle and is by far the biggest copter in the world today. It is a heavy lift helicopter that was first serviced and flown in 1968 and there was only two that was ever built. Because of the size of the Mil V-12 it had a lot of problems and design flaws that needed to be fixed. It can carry 196 passengers six crew members and could carry a load of 213,848 pounds, with the length of 121’5″, a height of 41 feet, and a wingspan of 219 feet and 10 inches. His copter has four Soloviev D-25VF turboshaft engines that produce 6,500 shp, giving it the ability to move up to 162 mph.[hr]

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