Top 10 Animals With Super Powers

Number 10 –  The Alpine Ibex


Alpine Ibex are also known as the Capra Ibex and can be found in the European Alps. The Alpine Ibex is a wild mountain goat that can grow up to 5 feet and weigh up to 270 pounds. They also have huge curved horns which are used to protect themselves against any predators that may try to attack them. They are usually reddish-brown to a grayish brown in color the males are recognized by their beards and they are larger than the females. Their superpower is that they are very agile and can climb on sides of mountains, and rocky terrain, they can do this because of the structured and sharp edged hooves and being an even toed animal. They can also job over 6 feet straight up in the air at a dead standstill.[hr]


Number 9 –  The Box Jellyfish

The box jellyfish are located in Australia and are considered the most deadly of all jellyfish. The box jellyfish is so poisonous in that one sting from its tentacle will bring shock, a lot of pain, and has also been known to cause heart attacks. It is said that the population of box jellyfish is vastly, increasing and are being found in other places around the world. Many people have died from one sting of the box jellyfish and has been reported that over 40 people die every year from this sea creature. After this jellyfish stings you, its poison venom shoots into your bloodstream, causing severe pain which can make you to either go into shock which can make the person to drown or it can cause the victim to have a heart attack. It also depends on the size of the jellyfish on how bad its sting can have an effect on a person.[hr]


Number 8 –  The Electric Eel

The Electric Eel is also known as a knife fish and are really not eels that are closer to the cat fish and carp family. These fish are found the fresh waters of Amazon and also and Orinoco basins of South America, they can reach up to 8 feet long and can weigh as much as 45 pounds, you have around body and a flat head, they are usually a grayish to a dark green collar on their top, and yellow on their bottom side. They actually use their electricity and low level, around 10 volts which they used to locate their prey and to navigate around the water because they have very bad eyesight. Their bodies have electric organs that are called electrocytes which are 6,000 cells in their bodies that stores power. An electric eel can release over 600 volts.[hr]


Number 7 –  The Hairy Frog

The Hairy Frog is also known as a Wolverine frog and a Horror frog. These frogs are found in central Africa and in Cameroon they will actually break their own bones in their in their hands to make sharp claws they feel threatened. This happens when the frog feels like it’s in danger it uses a muscle that they contract makes this bone pull downward making the bone cut through it skin to form a claw which resembles a cat’s claw. The hairy frog gets its name because of the long hair that grows on their bodies which are used to help them take in more oxygen.[hr]


Number 6 –  The Mantis Shrimp

The Mantis Shrimp aren’t really shrimp but are stomatopods and our relatives of the shrimp, lobsters, and crabs. Mantis shrimp grow to about 4 inches but have been found up to 18 inches and have been found in Florida, in the United States. The Mantis Shrimp have claws that can punch away from their body at 50 mph which is faster than a speeding bullet and is 160 pounds of force which can penetrate through shell, it is said when they do this, the water around them gets to temperature of the sun. Each of their eyes have 12 photoreceptors which helps them to see many types of color. They are rarely found in captivity cause they can crack and shatter glass tanks with their claw.[hr]


Number 5 –  The Pink Dragon Millipede

The Pink Dragon Millipede is also known as the Shocking Pink Dragon Millipede and are located in the Hup Pa Tard limestone caverns in Thailand. They get there name from its bright pink color and can also be found in a purplish color. Their heads are usually black or a brown color, they have very long antennae and they have very many spines on their bodies. This millipede has multiple glands that produce a venom called hydrogen cyanide, which they use to protect them from predators or is used to stun and even kill their prey.[hr]


Number 4 –  The Sea Cucumber

The Sea Cucumbers are found all over the seafloor in both shallow and deep water, but a larger amount of them are found in the Western Pacific and Indian Ocean. There are over 1,250 species of the sea cucumber, and like starfish and sea urchins, sea cucumbers are echinoderms. They also have these tiny tentacles around their mouths which are used to catch food and put in their mouths. They will also discharge a sticky like thread that they use against their enemies when they feel threatened, some will even push out their own organs through their anus which also is a tactic to keep away predators and when they do this they will regenerate these organs. As another superpower of the sea cucumber, their bodies are pretty squishy and soft, they can actually make their bodies to be hard as plastic which makes them hard to be eaten.[hr]


Number 3 –  The Mimic Octopus

The Mimic Octopus are found in the Indo Pacific part of the ocean and off the coast of Indonesia, but some have been seen at the Great Barrier Reef. They were first discovered in 1998 by some scientist. Like other octopuses, the Mimic Octopus can travel through the ocean by pushing jets of water out of their body through a funnel located on their bodies. These Octopus are the only known species to be able to impersonate other species of octopus and fish, there are usually a beige to a light brown in color with white stripes. The Mimic Octopus get their name because they can camouflage themselves to where they are totally invisible to any predator, they will actually contort their bodies in a shape where they look just like a lion fish which is useful when they feel threatened.[hr]


–  The Pistol Shrimp

The Pistol Shrimp which are also known as the snapping shrimp mostly found in oyster reefs, coral reefs, and sea grass. There are over 1,119 species of pistol shrimp, they can grow to about 2 inches long and they have one claw that is larger than the other which is the size of half their body. The bigger claw has the joint that has two parts which gives it the ability to snap it like a hammer, the actually use this claw to produce thousands of bobbles that are so powerful that they can stun fish with them. They are also known to be able to break glass with this over sized claw.[hr]


Number 2 –  The Horned Lizard

Horned lizards are also known as horny toads and are only found in Mexico and in the western part of the United States. There are over 22 species of horned lizards, their horns are actually real horns and the spikes on their backs are made from reptile scales. They have a few defense mechanisms such as the colors of their skin is used as camouflage, hiding themselves in the sand. They will also make their bodies bigger by puffing themselves up so they will be harder to swallow. There biggest superpower is that they can actually shoot blood from the corner of their eyes to distance of up to 5 feet, they are able to do this by holding blood flow to their head to increase pressure while rupturing many tiny vessels in their eyelids, they will do this to confuse their predators and it is also said that their blood taste really bad.[hr]


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