Top 10 Coolest and Most Amazing Basketball Courts

Basketball is one of the fastest growing sports in the world. Originally popular and only the United States, basketball is spreading all over the world and becoming the number one sport in numerous countries. Basketball is typically seen as a game where the court and its dimensions are held constant. There are a few basketball courts that alter from the basic concept. However, when they do they make for amazing spectacles and a twist on the game that is often jaw-dropping. Below is a list of the 10 most incredible basketball courts in the world.

Number 10 – Regal Court By Nike, London England

The Regal Basketball Court by Nike is located at the Black Prince Community Hub in South London. Nike stated that the goal of this court was to inspire basketball players of every level. This court is the site of several events from midnight madness events of local collegiate squads to children’s tournaments. One thing that you cannot see in the picture is the color of the rims. The rims are plated with real gold making it the only one of its kind in the world. The wood is fully sprung wood which allows players the maximum jumping ability. Going along with Nike’s theme of inspiration, the court the walls are plastered with the jerseys of the greatest basketball players from London as well as some of their inspirational quotes.


Number 9 – City Wall Rooftop Court, Dubrovnik Croatia

This basketball court located in Croatia is one of the most creative designs that we came across when compiling this list. Not only is this court creative, but it is also incredibly beautiful with its maroon-ish read playing surface amid the terra-cotta roofs of the surrounding buildings. Not only is this court beautiful, but it is also very large and provides a huge practice area for the local inhabitants.One of the great things about this court is that it is virtually impossible to lose your basketball thanks to the high fencing behind the basketball hoops and the tall stone wall lining the sides of the court.


Number 8 – Aircraft Carrier Basketball Court 

In 2011 the NCAA decided to put on a game for united states army aboard the USS Carl Vinson Aircraft Carrier. This was the first game ever played on an aircraft carrier. Not only did the troops get to watch a NCAA game, they got to see two of the best teams in the country that year with a matchup between the Michigan State Spartans and the North Carolina Tarheels. The game was officially dubbed the Carrier Classic and took place on November 10, 2011 in San Diego California.


Number 7 – House of Mamba, LED Basketball Court

Nike Teamed up with a Japan-based design company to make the House of Mamba basketball court. It was created for the Nike Rise basketball tour that takes place in China every year. Most people are aware of the fact that basketball is a big thing in the United States, but most people do not know that basketball is an even bigger thing in China. With 1.4 BILLION citizens and with basketball being the most popular sport in the country, China makes up the biggest basketball market in the World. Being in the biggest basketball market in the world, it is only fitting that this is the most technologically advanced basketball court in the world resides there.

The court uses motion-tracking reactive LED visualization to train players through various basketball drills. The name “House of Mamba” comes the concept of the court which is modeled after Kobe Bryant’s actual training regimen.  Nicknamed “The Mamba”, Bryant has the most technologically advanced basketball court in the world modeled after his training and named after him as well.


Number 6 – Log Cabin Basketball Court

Log cabins are beautiful so it only makes sense that a basketball court built log cabin style would be equally as stunning. We are not sure where this court is located as there is no information online about who owns it and what not. But as you can see from the picture it is only a half court set up. It is complete with a three point arch, free throw line, and a high triangular ceiling that allows for high arching shots.


Number 5 – Floating Basketball Court in Cambodia

Cambodia is one of the poorest countries in the world, but that doesn’t stop them from having one of the coolest basketball courts.The reason for this outdoor court is because many of the people in this region do trade in floating structures like the one you see in the picture. Tonle Sap Lake, the largest lake in southeast china, is where this court is located. Being the largest lake in south east china being 4000 square miles, Tonle Sap Lake is a major route of trade. When their a high amount of trade along a river, there are many residents who live right off the shores who make their living this way.


Number 4 – FIBA World Cup Floating Court

Most people do not know that FIBA is the international governing body of basketball. The accronyn “FIBA” comes from its french name which is “Fédération Internationale de Basket-ball Amateur”. Later on FIBA removed the amatuer compenent to the name and just used the BA at the end of FIBA as their own abbrevation of the word Basketball. With FIBA being so huge, they host a lot of events all over the world. One year, they hosted a tournament using a basketball court sitting in a lake. They used 4 wires with anchors on the end to hold the court in place. Other than that, not much is known about this particular basketball court despite its uniqueness and incredible design. 


Number 3 – Naismith Hall of Fame Court

The Naismith Hall of Fame is home to the greatest players who ever played basketball. Since the inaugural class of 1959, over 1000 players have made their way into this club of immortality. One of the best additions to the Naismith Hall of Fame building is the basketball court that they built on the side of the building. When viewing this from the outside you will see a square structure resembling a typical building, but with a giant dome ball attached to one corner. That giant dome ball is the Naismith Hall of Fame basketball court.


Number 2 – 3D Basketball Court Experience In Munich

Basketball is an amazing game itself, but there are a few variations of it. This is why you are so amazed when you find a version of basketball that is just slightly different. One example of this is a famous 3-D court located in Munich Germany. The elevations in the court help to even out the playing field when it comes to athleticism. When it comes to playing on this court, speed is not one of the most important things. One of the most important things went playing a court like this is balance. In order to move up and down this court you have to have exceptional balance. Also, this game is played at nighttime. As you can see the court is lined with large vertical lights. These lights also provide an obstacle that players have to move and pass around. Overall, playing on this 3-D court in Munich Germany is a one-of-a-kind experience for all of those who love the game of basketball.


Number 1 – Glow in the Dark Court

Here is another amazing basketball court located in Germany. This basketball court is lined with a glow-in-the-dark wood frame and illuminated hoops.We are guessing that in order to play on this court you must also have a basketball the glows in the dark. One thing is for sure though, and that is that this is another one-of-a-kind experience for basketball lovers that is worth taking a trip to Germany four.

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  1. I have been on Tonle Sap Lake in Cambodia and I can tell you from first-hand experience that those floating structures are all over the river banks. They have even made some of these into soccer and volleyball courts.

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