Top 10 Biggest Lost Treasures In The World

There is no doubt that all of us dream of finding lost treasures and going from rags to riches overnight with just a single discovery. Some of us actually try this and become treasure hunters, most of the time to no avail. However, there have been many people that have discovered treasures lost for thousands of years. Typically, the bigger the treasure, the harder it is to find. Below is a list of the top 10 biggest lost treasures in the world. None of these have yet to be found.

Number 10 –  King John’s Jewels and Gold

Lost: in 1216

Location: Great Britain/ the United Kingdom

Contents: The Crown Jewels, a gold wand with a dove, gold goblets, gold coins, silver plate, and the sword of Tristram.

Estimated Value: $70,000,000

King John loved to steal gold plate and jewels and would even steal gold coins and give it to his crew. On October 9, 1216, King John and his crew arrived in Bishops Lynn in Norfolk, and while they were there King John became very ill so he started heading back home taking a slower and a more safe route, while his crew and soldiers would stay on the ship carrying all the treasure including the Crown Jewels which King John inherited from his grandmother. But on their way through the marshes, the crew and the treasure would drown from the strong tides. The treasure was never found and King John would die a week later.


Number 9 –  Faberge Golden Eggs

Lost: in 1917 – 1929.

Location: Unknown / Russia

Contents: Eight Gold Faberge Eggs

Estimated Value: $90,000,000 – $150,000,000

In 1885, Faberge was made “Goldsmith by a Special Appointment to the Imperial Crown”. The “Hen Egg”, made of gold and enamel was commissioned by Tsar Alexander III. Over 33 years there was 52 eggs that were made for the Royal Family of Russia, plus 15 other eggs were made for private buyers. But in 1917, Tsar Nicholas ll was executed with some other members of the royal family during the Russian Revolution. Peter Carl Faberge would then flee to Switzerland in 1918 because he feared for his life. In 1920, he died shortly after in Lausanne. The Eggs and the rest of the Royal Families treasure would be confiscated and held in vaults in the Kremlin Armory. Some were sold to raise money but 8 of the 52 eggs have vanished and even to this day none of them have ever been seen.


Number 8 –  The Amber Room / Amber & Gold Panels

Lost: in 1943 

Location: Poland / Russia / Germany / Unknown

Contents: Gold Fittings, Gold Leaf, Jewels, Danish Amber, Amber and Gold Fittings, and Decorations.

Estimated Value: $170,000,000

The Amber Room was designed by Andreas Schluter who was an architect from Germany and was built at the Charlottenburg Palace in Prussia by an amber specialist named Gottfried Wolfram of the Royal Court of Denmark. It was 17 meters in length and used 5,440 kg of Amber. In 1941 it was taken apart and put in 27 crates by German soldiers. It is was hidden along with other treasures by the Nazi regime and its considered one of the world’s greatest lost treasures. There have been many claims by treasure hunters that they know the location of the Amber Room but no one has yet to locate any of it.


Number 7 –  The Kruger Millions

Lost: in 1890

Location: South Africa 

Contents: Gold Dust, Gold Coins, Ingots, Silver Ingots, and Coins

Estimated Value: $250,000,000.00

Dutch settlers realized that the capital of Pretoria was about to be captured by British troops during the Second Anglo-Boer War, so they took as much gold as they could and minted many thousands of coins. It is said that the President of Boer, Paul Kruger took the gold with him to Middleburg. He would then go to France in 1900 but he would leave the gold behind. No one has yet to find any of the Kruger Millions.


Number 6 –  Temple of Solomon / Ancient Jewish Military Reserves

Lost: In Circa 100 BC 

Location: Israel / Jordon

Contents: Gold Coins, Silver Coins, Artifacts, and Ingots

Estimated Value: $1.2 Billion Plus

The copper scroll is 1 out of 981 text objects that were found in Khirbet Qumran, known also as the Dead Sea Scrolls. The one copper scroll is the only scroll not written on papyrus or parchment. This rolled up piece of copper is said to be a treasure map that reads where hordes of gold and silver are located in over 60 different locations. But no other treasure other than the copper scroll itself has ever been found. Most scholars believe that all the Solomon treasure has already been found by the Romans. The Romans were known to torture their captives till they told where their secret stashes were.


Number 5 –  The Spanish New World Treasure

Lost: July 30, 1715 

Location: Off the coast of Florida

Contents: Gold Goblets, Bullion, Silver Plate, Coins, and Jewels

Estimated Value: $2 Billion

This treasure was put together to solve the problem for Spain in 1712 AD. They needed funds due to the War of Succession and because of Phillip V who took over the throne. It consisted of eleven ships, each filled with Gold, Silver, Jewel’s and other precious treasures. The fleet would be destroyed by a hurricane and thousands of sailors died. It is said that the Spanish recovered half of the treasure and that some were found by pirates, some of the treasure is found every now and then by washing up on the beaches. Seven of the ships was found with the help of Kip Wagner, who is a marine treasure hunter but out of those seven, very little was found in them.


Number 4 –  The Contents of the Flor de La Mar

Lost: 1511

Location: Off the coast of Sumatra

Contents: Gold Bullion, Gold Goblets, and Silver Plate

Estimated Value: $2.6 Billion plus

The Flor de La Mar was a Portuguese frigate Navy ship that weighed over 400 tons and was captained by Alfonso de Albuquerque. It is said this ship carried the largest horde of treasure that has ever been assembled by the Portuguese Navy.

It would be shipwrecked on the 20th of November in 1511 caused by a huge and violent storm. The ship would break completely in half and due to this, a whole lot of treasure and some slaves were taken out to sea. Alfonso was rescued.


Number 3 –  The Lost City of Gold in Paititi

Lost: 1572

Location: Brazil

Contents: Gold Bars, Incan Gold and Artifacts, Jewelry and much, much more.

Estimated Value: $10,000,000,000

It is said that Paititi is the real Lost City of Gold. The Incas were at war with the Spanish for 40 years but after a long and grueling war, the Incas would retreat to Vilcabamba Valley, until 1572 when they were found again by the Spanish and they would retreat again somewhere in the southern part of the rainforest in Brazil. Taking all their Gold and other treasures with them. This new city of the Incas was never found, along with the treasure and until 2009 it was thought that it was all just a myth. In 2009, photos taken by Google earth showed a deforested area, south of Brazil where a vast settlement once lived and again it seems possible that The Lost City of Paititi may have existed.


–  The French Treasuries of the Knights Templar

Lost: 1307

Location: Scotland / Unknown

Contents: Gold Ingots, Gold Plate, Silver Ingots, Silver Plate, Coinage, Jewelry, Jewels, Land Deeds, Weapons, Records and Documents, Religious relics, Valuable Curiosities and Royal Regalia Held as Securities, and Middle Eastern Trophies and Artifacts.

Estimated Value: Many Billions

The Knights Templar Treasure was created by decades of patrons donations which made them the wealthiest and the most powerful military order in all of Europe. They started an early style of banking that made them richer and at the same time unpopular with the people that borrowed money from them. In over two hundred years The Knights Templar would amass a fortune in castles, land, silver, gold, jewels, and other precious objects. They would become very unpopular with those that owed them money that they would be forced out of the Middle East. It came to where the key leaders were arrested and tortured to confess to heresy and devil worship. But when they went to take their lands and their treasures, there wasn’t much to be found. The vast of the Knights Templars treasure has yet to be found.


Number 2 –  The Unknown Pirate Hoard

Lost: Between 1500 – 1700 AD

Location: Canada

Contents: Unknown Pirates Hoard, Spanish Gold and Treasure of the Knights Templar, Captain Kidd’s Treasure, Blackbeard’s Treasure, The Fortress of Louisbourg Treasure, The Missing Jewels of Marie Antoinette, Treasure of the Freemasons, Documents of Sir Francis Bacon and a pit of Walrus Ivory.

Estimated Value: Unknown

In 1795 an impression of a circular pit was discovered and looked as if something had been berried there, it was dug up and some flagstones were found along with some pickaxes. No treasure was ever found but it was linked to some missing treasure of Captain Kidd and of Blackbeard the Pirate. Many people have excavated the pit including President Franklin D. Roosevelt. The only thing that was found was a code that was translated “Forty feet below, two million pounds lie buried.” There have been 6 people that died, trying to find the lost treasure that is believed to be buried on Oak Island.


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