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If you would like to contribute a list based article to the site simply sign up for free and build your article. As you can tell, we publish quality articles and expect the same from our guest publishers. When we evaluate an article we looked for an article that is original and properly researched. As a Top 10 site we set up a very user friendly system as list based articles(Ex. Top 10 List of The Greatest Football Players Ever). These types of articles are incredibly popular with internet users and when researched properly, make some of the best pieces of publishing/illustrative work on the web. We take great pride in what we do here at ListMega.Com and expect our publishers to take that same pride in their work. Below is a list of the basic article requirements. Please do not be scared to email us if you have any questions about guest article submission and we will get back to you asap to clear up anything you may be unsure of.

Article Requirements 

  • 1000 word minimum
  • 10 Images Per Article
  • Must Be In Top 10 List Format

Correct Example –> Top 10 Health Benefits of Apples

Incorrect Example –> 18 Health Benefits of Apples <– Incorrect Because Not In “Top 10 List Format”

Things Not Allowed

  • Duplicate Content
  • Content Stolen From Other Websites

This policy is real simple, everything has to be original and high quality work. Also, do not try to submit articles from other sites even if you were the one to publish it on the other site. So if you are thinking about submitting a stolen article, please do not waste your time.