Top 10 Most Amazing Submarines In The World

When it comes to land and sea vehicles, few things can compare to the amazingness of submarines. Submarines capture the inner depths of our imagination and almost do not seem real. However, submarines have been around for awhile and man just keeps making them more sophisticated. Sophistication has not only developed in the internal machinery, but also in the cosmetics which makes for some very amazing pieces of engineering. Below is a list of the 10 most amazing submarines in the world.

Number 10 – Deepflight Challenger Submarine 

The deepflight challenger submarine is a one man submarine built by Virgin Oceanic, a company that is a sub branch of the “Virgin Group” owned by famous mogul Richard Branson. Branson is most known for being the architect/founder of Virgin Records. Once Branson got famous, he decided to branch off into all sorts of fields such as deep ocean exploration via submarines to flights into outerspace.

This single man submarine was started in 2000 and was designed by Graham Hawkes, a marine engineer from London who has built an astonishing 70% of manned submarines produced in the last two decades. It uses hydrodymanic forces to descend and ascend. The deepflight challenger can dive to a depth of 37,000 feet. In order for it to be able to dive to these depths where pressure is strong enough to crush a human, the viewdome is made from quartz.


Number 9 – Sea Breacher Killer Whale Sub

The seabreacher is one of the most famous lines of submarines in the world. Their hallmark and claim to fame is that their submarines are designed to look like iconic ocean creatures. Seabreacher submarines come in the appearance of dolphins, sailfish, sharks, and killer whales as you can see in the picture. Not only are these submarines designed to look like marine animals, they are also designed to ride like them as well. They get their name from their ability to jump out of the water like a breaching whale.

Unlike the Deepflight Challenger, the sea breacher can accomodate two individuals. It was designed by Dan Piazza and Rob Innes. One thing that sets apart the seabreacher from other submarines is its speed. At 54 MPH above water and 24 MPH below water, the seabreacher is unquestionably one of the fasted subs in the world.


Number 8 – EGO Compact Semi Submarine

When it comes to enjoying the beauty of the ocean from both above and below the water, nothing compares to the EGO Compact Semi Submarine. Aside from how amazing of an idea/concept this is, it comes with many real life benefits. To explore the underwater world of the ocean, you have to put yourself at many risks that comes with snorkeling and scuba diving. You put yourself at risk of getting stung by poisoning jelly fish, attacked by a shark, and even drowning.

While you may already be impressed by this submarine, it gets so much better. It comes with a sonar depth sensor to avoid accidentally drifting into shallow waters and wrecking. This sub allows you to drive it from both above and below the water. Above the water you are able to operate the sub wirelesslely via a remote control. Below the water, the sub uses a camera above the water to let the driver to steer the ship safely and see oncoming boats.To top it all off, this semi-submarine is powered 100% by electricity making it green and environmentally friendly by producing ZERO polution.


Number 7 –  Scubster, Self-Propelling Personal Sub


The scubster is a pedal powered personal submarine designed by Stephane Rousson. With a light weight body made out of carbon fiber, the scubster is light enough to be able to be propelled by a single person. Reaching a top speed of 6mph, you wont be winning any races in this submarine, but it goes plenty fast enough to move great distances in search of observing marine life. Other than being in good shape, all you will need to drive the scubster is a scuba suit and a scuba tank as there is no build in oxygen supply.


Number 6 – “Lovers Deep” Submarine Hotel

This is so cool and amazing that it is hard to believe. However, you can see the pictures and look this up. This is a submarine hotel called “Lovers Deep”. They advertise to honeymooners that they can join the “mile low club”. Dont expect to join the mile low club anytime soon though because one night at this submarine hotel will cost you 285,000 dollars, by far the most expensive hotel in the entire world.

If you could afford a night in this submarine you would surely get a one of a kind experience. The sub is equipped with every luxurious thing you can imagine including a personal butler, a deluxe bedroom with a window view of the ocean, a lounge like the one you see in the picture above, television, internet, an alcohol bar with your own bartender, and much more.


Number 5 – The Submarine Scooter

There is a company called Island Water Sport Hawaii that has developed one of the most amazing underwater experiences in the world. They offer diving experiences with their underwater scooter submarines. These underwater scooters can be operated by virtually anyone and there is no training required to operate one. They can also be operated by children as long as they are above four feet tall.

What is perhaps the most amazing thing about these underwater scooter submarines is that there is no seal to make sure that your face does not get wet. So how does your face not get wet and how do you not drowned with nothing separating your face from the water? The answer comes from the bell theory. The bell theory is a principle of science where air always ascends to the top. This is the same concept that causes a glass turned upside down in a bucket to remain dry. A oxygen tank pumps new air inside the head chamber and the old air escapes out of the bottom of the mask.


Number 4 – Necker Submarine By Virgin

The necker nymph submarine is a sub that was created in 2010 by virgin atlantic. This submarine was designed to work like an airplane underwater. Thats why the official name of the submarine is the “necker nymph aero submarine” and has been touted by virgin as the first underwater aircraft. This personal sub can accomodate three people and dive to a depth of around 100 feet. Passengers must connect their facemask to oxygen tanks that are built into the submarine.

In addition to being able to dive to very deep depths that most personal subs are not able to dive to, the necker is also fast compared to other subs. It can reach speeds of 11 kilometers per hour. While this is not very fast in terms of boats, it is incredibly fast in terms of submarines. If you are concerned about safety, you can feel assured that this sub packs in many safety features. It comes equipped with back up oxygen tanks and a frame that is positively bouyant, meaning that the sub will float to the surface naturally if its electrical systems fail.


Number 3 – Rinspeed Squba Hybrid Sub

The Rinspeed Squba is something that you have to see to believe and is definitley one of the coolest feats of engineering in the world. As you can see from the picture this is a vehicle that doubles as a car and submarine. This quality is amazing enough, but the rinspeed has an even more amazing quality. This amphibious vehicle requires not human operation. It has special sensors that allow it to drive on land and underwater. Therefore, this device can drive itself around without a passenger.

This amazing vehicle is made by a company in Switzerland that specializes in making incredible protoypes like the one seen above. The only downside to this is that it is not commercially produced and getting your hands on one would be incredibly difficult no matter how much money you have.


Number 2 – Triton 3600 Sub

The triton 3600 is one of eleven subs commercially distributed by Triton Submarines, a california based company that specializes in deep sea submersibles. The triton 3600 is arguably the coolest of the eleven subs made by Triton. While this sub has a unique and beautiful design, its another thing that seperates it from the other submarines in this list.

The Triton 3600 is able to dive to depths of 1000 feet. With a circular glass center compartment that allows passengers to see an almost 360 degree view of the deep ocean, this sub provides a once in a lifetime experience. Able to house two people, you can enjoy this experience with another person as well. All in all, this sub is the best combination of raw functionality and cosmetic appearance in the world.


Number 1 – The Deepflight Dragon AKA “Underwater Drone”

One of the coolest new gadgets that has appeared in recent times are drones. Just when you thought everything that is discoverable had already been discovered, drones come along. While drones are pretty cool, they pail in comparison to the deep flight challenger submarine by virgin atlantic. This incredible submarine uses the same mechanics to manuever as drones, but does so underwater. Therefore, this sub offers the absolute maximum manueverability that can be achieved underwater.

That is what makes it the coolest sub in the world. Not only does it use the drone concept to achieve maximum agility under the water, but it packages this in a truly beautiful design. The underwater drone known as the deepflight challenger is able to reach places that not other submarine could safely reach. This is because it is able to manuever in a straight vertical motion and a straight downward motion. This allows the sub to dive down into very tight places that previously could only be safely viewable through scuba diving.

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