Top 10 Coolest Beds In The World

There is no space more private and cosy than your own bed. For most people, just a regular bed will do. However, there are always ones out there that want a little something extra and end up coming up with some pretty cool stuff. After all, we spend over 1/3 of our life sleeping in

Top 10 Coolest Boats In The World

Boats have been a staple of human civilization since the earliest beginnings. Today, they continue to be a major part of everything we do as humans. While most boats look unremarkable and simply suited for their jobs, others push the boundaries of marine engineering. Coming in many varieties, the boats in this article will simply

Top 10 Most Amazing Bridges In The World

When you think of bridges, amazing and beautiful feats of engineering probably do not pop to the top of your head. Most bridges are rather bland or boring. However, there are some bridges in the world that are breathtaking. There are bridges that feature unbelievable architecture, creativity, engineering, and location. Below is a list of

47 Coolest And Most Amazing Bathtubs In The World

Whether we realize it or not, having a nice bathtub is one of the most therapeutic/relaxing home commodities there is. Having a nice bathtub can be the difference between a tranquil experience and one that makes you want to get out of the tub as soon as possible. Studies have even show that having a