Top 10 Coolest and Most Amazing Looking Churches

When we think of churches, we usually don’t think of amazing feats of architecture and engineering. Most churches have the basic structure associated with places of worship. However, there are some churches in the world that have gone above and beyond to set themselves apart from the rest. In order to do this, they have

Top 10 Coolest and Most Amazingly Colored Lakes

There are thousands upon thousands of lakes on our planet. Almost all of them look roughly the same. However there are some lakes that completely shatter the mold. Whether it be the species that reside in them or the color of their waters, some lakes are truly amazing in how they differ from the rest.

Top 10 Coolest and Most Exotically Colored Frog Species

When it comes to exotic and vibrant animals, frogs are not the first thing that comes to mind. Most people do not realize the vast amount of different frog species there are around the world. Frogs are one of the dominant species of our planet and they can adapt to virtually any environment. In adapting

Top 10 Coolest Looking Bathroom Sinks

The things that most people find the most incredible are when the basic things in life are made extraordinary. For example, everyone’s house has a front door, sink, bathroom, bathtub, shower, kitchen, and bedrooms. These are basic things that are in everybody’s house and usually, there is nothing exciting about. So when someone takes one

Top 10 Coolest Water Towers In The World

When it comes to water towers you usually do not think of amazing pieces of art. You usually don’t even think of anything that is cosmetically pleasing. Most water towers are very boring looking and not all that cool. However, there are some water towers in the world that take it to the next level

Top 10 Most Amazing Hovercrafts Ever Built

It is surprising that you do not see more hovercrafts used in everyday life. They are the Swiss Army knife of vehicles. They are able to do something that no other vehicle can do. You can drive a hovercraft over almost any type of terrain. They can drive on ice, snow, water, sand, and most

Top 10 Most Amazing Houseboats In The World

When it comes to alternative house concepts, houseboats definitely rank up there as one of the most amazing. Throughout history, it has been very rare to see humans living isolated out in the open water. However, in recent times, living in houseboats has come increasingly popular. Houseboats offer a unique freedom as well as an

Top 10 Most Amazing Sinkholes In The World

The earth is filled with all sorts of amazing and interesting phenomena. One of those is definitely the formation of sinkholes. Sinkholes are formed when a piece of land collapses and sinks into the earth. These are usually not a good, cool, or amazing thing. Many people are living in homes across the world that

Top 10 Most Amazing Looking Albino Animals

Chances are you have seen a human who suffers from albinism, the disease that causes people to be born without any pigment at all. This disease can affect anyone regardless of their ethnicity from Caucasian to African. What most people do not realize is that it is the same for wild animals. No matter the

Top 10 Most Amazing Submarines In The World

When it comes to land and sea vehicles, few things can compare to the amazingness of submarines. Submarines capture the inner depths of our imagination and almost do not seem real. However, submarines have been around for awhile and man just keeps making them more sophisticated. Sophistication has not only developed in the internal machinery,