Top 10 Largest Dump Trucks In The World

–  Hitachi EH5000 AC-3 The Hitachi EH5000 has a very cutting-edge drive system and is one of the most advanced technical mining trucks in the world, not only does it have one of the biggest rigid frames but it also keeps down costs with its fuel economy and low maintenance. This truck has the diesel

Top 10 Creatures That You Wont Believe Exist

–  Aye Aye Aye Aye’s are also known as Lemurs, and is found in Madagascar and are very rare. They are also known as a, Daubentonia Madagascariensis. Not only does it look bizarre, it also has bizarre eating habits which it trees and lands on such as Grubbs. Aye Aye’s are also one of the world’s

Top 10 Most Amazing Hi Tech Trains In The World

–  The Eurostar E320 Veluro Eurostar Siemens Velaro E320 started its operation at the end of 2015, and is the fourth generation in the Siemens line. The E320 project cost over $307 million and had eight investors all international banks. The Eurostar E320 has over 16,000 kW of power which gives it the power to

Top 10 Animals With Super Powers

–  The Alpine Ibex   Alpine Ibex are also known as the Capra Ibex and can be found in the European Alps. The Alpine Ibex is a wild mountain goat that can grow up to 5 feet and weigh up to 270 pounds. They also have huge curved horns which are used to protect themselves

Top 10 Traits of the Zodiac Sign Scorpio

Horoscopes are used by millions of people all over the world who want to find out more about themselves. The idea behind horoscopes is that there is a different climate each month of the year and this results in people being born in the same month having a lot of things in common. One of

Top 10 Most Amazing Places You Wont Believe Exist

Most of our planet looks the same. Bodies of water surrounded by fields of grass and forest make up the typical landscape of earth. However, there are some places that are so amazing you will have trouble believing they are real. Below is a list of the top 10 most amazing places you wont believe

10 Ridiculously Cool and Amazing PC Keyboards

Oree Wooden Keyboard

When you are looking at computers the last thing you would get excited about is the keyboards. They are basically just boring accessories that we need. However, there are some people out there who have pushed keyboard design and science to the limits. Below is a list of 10 keyboards so cool it will blow

10 Ice Hotels You Have To See To Believe

Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel

Ice structures have long been amazing to human beings as a uniquely beautiful and eye-popping form of art. The ultimate forms of man-made ice structures in today’s world are ice hotels. It is hard to believe that these exist considering how impractical and impossible it seems. However, these ice hotels make a stay just as

Top 10 Most Dangerous Cats in the World

There is no question that the big cats of our world are nature’s apex predators. No animal exist on earth that can fend off every type of big cat. Even crocodiles and elephants are fair game for some big cats. When people think of big cats they tend to only think about Bengal tigers and

Top 10 Health Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

apple cider vinegar

Most people know apple cider vinegar as a sour and acidic fluid that is hardly palpable in its raw format. However, the truth of this substance is that it is a super-food with incredible health benefits. The most impressive part it is the sheer number of health benefits. There are many foods out there that