Top 10 Ways To Make Supplemental Income

Most people are in need of supplemental income. While the economy has been improving as of late, we still are recovering from a decade’s long recession. The good news is that if you do some research such as finding in reading this article, you can come across a lot of different ways to make supplemental income that are actually highly enjoyable. Not only are a lot of these ways highly enjoyable, but they pay more per hour than most day jobs. The catch is that these are supplemental income sources and not main income sources. So understand that while you may be making a great hourly wage doing some of the supplemental income jobs, you will not be able to quit your day job because most of these do not come with the ability to work 40 hours a week. However, if you use these as a way to add on to your main income you can drastically change your financial picture. Below is a list of the top 10 ways to make supplemental income.

Number 10 – Flea Market Sales

Shopping at flea markets is a favourite amongst people of all ages and is especially popular in the United States. Flea markets are notorious for selling mostly junk items. However, there are a ton of GEMS to be found for a huge discount amongst the wide variety of items. This is what brings so many people into these markets to sift through the junk to find a potential treasure.

This also opens up one of the easiest ways to make supplemental income for the average person. It takes no certificate or licensing to do business in a flea market. All you need is a table to set your “for sale” items on and pay the commission fee to do business there for the day. It is that simple. As far as acquiring items, you can start off first by sorting through your own stuff that you no longer want. You will be shocked by how much you come up with that is no longer of use and is just taking up space.

However, your items will eventually run out and you will need more. This is where word of mouth can make you loads of money and I am going to explain how in the simplest terms. There are so many people who do not want to go through the trouble of getting rid their old stuff and cannot afford storage. If you ask, most people will allow you sift through their junk for valuables if you are willing to get it off their hands without them having to lift a finger.


Number 9 –  Article Publishing

Article publishing and writing is one of the best ways to make money that I know of, not just supplemental income. You can make so much money from writing articles online that many are able to turn it into a full-time income. However, most people do not give a chance because they do not believe they can write. If they do not believe they can write then they do not believe that they will have success writing articles. WRONG! Everyone can write articles of good enough quality to get paid either right off the bat or after a very small amount of exposure.

There are two ways you can make money off articles. You can either 1) write for a website that pays you instantly for articles(instant money) or 2) you can publish articles for passive income on revenue sharing sites like the very site you are on or you can publish on your own website(granted you would have to build it first).

It is recommended that you practice both of these methods. Passive income is the cou de gra of all types of income. However, you still need money in the present. By doing both you give yourself the ability to make the make money now with the prospect of passive income in the future. This is the best way to take the skill of article writing and turn it into money.


Number 8 – Start A Affiliate Business

Starting an affiliate business sounds like something super complicated, but that is the furthest thing from the truth. The term “affiliate business” is just a fancy way of saying “referral business”. The business model of paying people to refer customers to you or you getting paid to refer customers to someone else is perhaps the simplest business model out there.


Number 7 – Shop Through Cash-Back Sites

There is a lot of truth to the saying “saving money is making money”. In fact, the statement and saying are 100% accurate. So it truly pays to save money, but you have to do it intelligently. With cashback shopping programs, you get a certain percentage of cash back from whatever you purchase. However, you cannot purchase things that you do not need for the cash back. Also, it is not an excuse to shop more. The only way to make these programs work for you, is to only purchase products that you were already going to purchase, but before purchasing, search to see if you can find a cashback program for the site that you are buying from.


Number 6 – Take Surveys and Participate In Focus Groups

Many people have heard of the whole online surveys thing. Most of it is total crap, but there are some websites that make this opportunity worth looking for. Furthermore, if you can find a reputable website then you can greatly increase that income through focus groups. Now focus groups will not come your way everyday, or even every week, but when you do participate in these focus groups you will make a hefty amount of money. Usually the minimum is about $100, but most focus groups pay more than this. The only website I have found that has a reliable stream of surveys is However, they do not have focus groups.


Number 5 – Dog Sitting

There is no easier and more in demand job than pet sitting. Pet sitting involves watching dogs most of the time as cats do not need watched and its probably not safe to watch any other types of animals. Dog sitting is just what it sounds like. It is like baby sitting but way easier. Millions of people in the US and around the world, are busy at work without time to come home and walk a dog. This is where you can make money because they have to let their dog out to use the bathroom. These jobs can last for years and pay very good. You get an upfront fee rather than an hourly wage. The result is that it only takes a few minutes to walk a dog and you almost always make more than twenty dollars. While that may not sound like much, imagine if you did this for 10 or 20 dogs? That would equate to about 200-400 dollars per day.


Number 4 – Luxury House Sitting

There are few jobs in this world that are as good as luxury House sitting. While luxury housesitting is a part-time venture, it is well worth accepting this as a supplemental income source that can be inconsistent. If you are wanting to make money with this supplemental income method then you need to have a trusted reputation in your community. The way this works is that when very wealthy people out of town, they are at much higher risk of having their house robbed for valuables. This is because they typically have more things of higher value in their home than somebody who is from the middle class or the lower class. This makes their home a prime target for robbers. Therefore, they are much better off hiring a trusted individual to essentially live in their house while they are gone rather than leaving it unoccupied.

Some people make very good money doing this in some even do it full-time. In order to make more and more money this over time you first need to get your foot in the door with someone. Once you have done luxury housesitting at one residence it is much easier to get subsequent jobs. To start off with, try using your local Craigslist and also post that you offer these services on Facebook. These two methods are your best bet for securing that first job which will land you many subsequent jobs in the future.


Number 3 – Invest Your Money In Safe Places

Over the years investing has gotten a bad name because most people place their money in risky investments hoping to get rich overnight. Investing is actually one of the safest ways to grow your income if you do it correctly. If you are wanting to really increase your wealth over the years then you can choose from a list of very safe investments. Those include investing in large companies like Pepsi or Coca-Cola. Any company that has been in business for decades and still controls the market, is not going anywhere making it a safe long-term investment.

If you’re wanting to invest in things like stocks and bonds the first place that you should look at is index funds. Index funds are things like NASDAQ and Adele Jones. What these are is a collection of different stocks lumped into one fund. This makes index funds a safe investment because they are nothing more than a variety of hundreds of different stocks. By investing in shares of these index funds you are already accomplishing the number one rule of investing and that is diversification.

Another great place to invest your money is in money market funds. A money market fund is nothing more than a glorified savings account. Savings accounts offer a tiny amount of interest to the investor. Money market accounts though offer a hefty 5% interest rate. Their interest rate goes much faster than the rate of inflation meaning that you genuinely profit off of these. If you have your money in a savings account consider moving it over to a money market fund. It is the same thing but with higher interest rates and you actually make money after inflation is calculated in.


Number 2 – Part-Time Care Taking

When it comes to caretaking it’s understandable if you do not want to do things like bathe the elderly and change diapers. However, this is the misconception that surrounds caretaking. Most people think of caretaking as a job that is going to require them to do gross things like this. The truth of the matter is that most caretaking jobs do not require that you undress, bathe, or deal with anything personal on the individual that’s being cared for.

Part-time caretaking is a great job because of how easy it is and how good it pays. You can easily find part-time caretaking jobs where all you have to do is keep the individual company, be there to supervise just in case something bad happened such as a fall, help prepare food, and other basic things such as this. These jobs are very easy and very profitable. They constitute one of the best ways to make supplemental income.


Number 1 – Garden/Grow Vegetables, Fruits, and Herbs

One of my favorite ways to make supplemental income is by growing foods. You can charge a ton of money for homegrown vegetables, fruits, and herbs. Due to the increase in health consciousness, people are looking for naturally grown foods like this that are free of hormones and pesticides. Another reason that purchasing homegrown food has become so popular is because customers are concerned about the ever-growing amount of genetically modified foods. When looking in the produce section of your grocery store it can be impossible to know for sure whether or not a fresh fruit/vegetable has been genetically modified.

Not only is this an incredibly profitable means of supplemental income, but it is incredibly fun. Most people who do this enjoy it a great deal and enjoy it so much that they often grow a lot of herbs for self-use. Another reason this is such a great means of supplemental income is because you can set up shop literally anywhere. If you have ever driven through a rural area you have surely come across people who have set up fruit and vegetable stands on the side of the road. Believe it or not, these people usually sell all of their produce and have a steady stream of customers. I personally almost always stop by these vegetable stands. It is so rare to be able to find foods that have been grown the natural way and are not genetically modified.

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