Top 10 Most Amazing Houseboats In The World

When it comes to alternative house concepts, houseboats definitely rank up there as one of the most amazing. Throughout history, it has been very rare to see humans living isolated out in the open water. However, in recent times, living in houseboats has come increasingly popular. Houseboats offer a unique freedom as well as an envious tranquility. With a houseboat you are able to travel virtually anywhere and anywhere that you go, you will be able to enjoy the relaxing tranquility of being around the water.

Number 10 – Kerala Houseboat 

Kerala is a state in southern India. They are famous for their houseboats and the one in the picture is an example of one of the houseboats that you can rent there. These houseboats can be rented by any local or any tourist that has the cash to pay for a few nights in one of these. For those who rent one of the 500 available houseboats in Kerala, you will be paired with a tour boat operator who will drive you 25 to 30 miles per day through the backwaters of the state.


Number 9Boat + House = Boathouse? Crazy!

This has to be one of the most amazing houseboats to ever be constructed. Even though he did extensive research to try to learn more about this particular houseboat, we were unable to find any other information on the Internet besides the picture that you see above. As you can see in the picture, the engineers who built this houseboat have created a platform in which an actual house is wasted upon a tugboat. The platform that the house is situated on even has a thick layer of sod to support grass and has a diving board in which you can jump off into the ocean.


Number 8Water Villa De Omval, Amsterdam

The Waterville a day on file is a iconic houseboat that floats on the and still River in Amsterdam, the capital of Holland. Houseboats have become a major trend in Holland that continues to pick up steam and become more popular each year. The water Villa date on is renown for its modern design. Not only is the exterior fitted with an extraordinary modern look, but the inside of the houseboat is equally modern in concept. It even has an indoor fireplace that does not require would to start or sustain the fire.


Number 7Cosmic Muffin Houseboat Made From Recycled Boeing Jet

The cosmic muffin was constructed from a Boeing 307 strata liner from the 1930s. This recycled ship houseboat, is amazing in the fact that it can be operated like an actual boat in terms of speed and agility. What’s also very interesting about this houseboat is that the plane that it was made from was owned by Howard Hughes. If you don’t know who Howard Hughes was, he was the father of modern aviation and at one point was the richest man in the world thinks in part to his role in the development of modern air travel. This boat was once only used for private uses, but is now available as a rental. So if you think this thing would be cool to drive and spend a few nights and, you actually have the option to do that now.


Number 6Floating Rock Houseboat 

This floating rock houseboat is definitely one of the coolest houseboat concepts that we came across when researching this article. While we weren’t able to find out anything about who owns this boat or where in the world that it resides, it is still included in the article because of how amazing the entire concept is. As you can see in the picture, the houseboat is not fixed in a stationary position. It is able to move itself from location to location. The architecture is also very well done as you can see that the outside includes decorative vegetation and resembles a door that looks like it is actually opening to the inside of a hollow rock. If you are able to find out any further information about this really cool houseboat please list that information in the comment section at the end of the article.


Number 5 – “The Drift” Houseboat, Murray River Australia 

The drift is one of nine houseboats rented out by River fun, a houseboat rental company located in Australia. River fun essentially rents out these houseboats in the same way that a hotel rents out rooms. While they have several houseboats, the drift is by far their most beautiful and most iconic. They sit on the famous Murray River in Australia. If you are looking to rent out the drift, you have several options and different pricing models. The cheapest option is to rent out the houseboat for a three day weekend which will cost you anywhere from $2800-$3500. The most expensive pricing option is a five-day stay during the Easter holiday which will cost you $7200. No matter what your budget is, if you are traveling to Australia this would be one of the most amazing places to stay while on your trip.


Number 4“Mane Decision” Houseboat, Kentucky United States

Main decision is one of the most iconic houseboats made by thoroughbred, a houseboat production company located in Kentucky. Believe it or not, Kentucky is the houseboat capital of the world. 85% of all the houseboats made each year globally are made in Kentucky. Kentucky is also the horse racing capital of the world. This is where the company’s name “thoroughbred” comes from and they incorporate horseracing very creatively into many of their boats.

While thoroughbred has built hundreds of houseboats, main decision is their signature one. This houseboat is 115 feet long, twice the length of a typical houseboat. The interior of the boat has 3200 ft.² of living space. Each of its nine rooms is equipped with a large flatscreen television. It also features a built-in satellite system, solid cherry wood work, and a salon.

The outside of the boat is equally as impressive. The sun decks on the top serve as both a lounge area and function as a working helicopter pad. To top it all off, the top of the boat has a bar that is shaped like a horseshoe and is equipped with all kitchen appliances. Last but not least, the portion of the sundeck that has a roof is equipped with what is called “master rings”. These master rings serve as a sprinkler and fan system that helps to cool you down on hot days. This system is able to cool down the temperature by as much as 15° within a matter of minutes.


Number 3Orsos Island Houseboat

Have you ever dreamed of having your own island or having your own boat? Well, for the right price you can have both. These private island houseboats are made by Orsos Islands, a company in australia that builds peronal island houseboats. If you are interested in one of these the price will not be cheap. On average these floating islands cost 6 million dollars a piece. While the price tag is high, you get the utmost luxury in features and ammenities.

The most amazing feature of the houseboat/island is the fact that all of your energy and electicity is generated through solar and wind energy. Wth 160 square meters of solar panels, this houseboat gathers massive amounts of solar energy during the daytime hours. The wind energy system works both day and night to collect energy from air currents. This complex energy system produces free power, electricity, and leave no impact on the environment.

This is especailly impressive due to the massive dimensions of the floating island. The island is 121 feet long 69 feet wide totalling 8400 square ft. in size. On the inside it features 6 bedrooms, a fully fitted kitchen, a large living lounge, big enertainment area, jacuzzi, barbeque, sun loungers, minibar, fully fitted dining room, and aquarium.

To top it all off, free drinking water comes as a bonus. The island has a built in desalination system, which converts saltwater to drinking water. It can also purify freshwater for drinking purposes as well. You can imagine just how much money is saved on free energy, free electric, and free water. All of this packed into a 3 story island capable of moving anywhere with the aid of 2 small diesel engines in case you would like a change of scenery.


Number 2Round Houseboat

While we cannot find out any information about this particular houseboat, we had to included on the list because of just how amazing it looks. As you can see from the picture the houseboat is two stories tall and features a deck on the top story that wraps all the way around. There is also a great area on the lower story to lounge in the sun and catch some rays. What is most beautiful about it though is its unique design. The rooms are designed so that the walls are made up primarily of glass allowing you a 24 seven view of the open ocean. If anyone can find out where this houseboat resides and who owns it, please let us know in the comments section.


Number 1Artic Houseboat

It is hard to believe that this houseboat is real, but it is and it is built by a houseboat company called Covey Island Boatworks. This houseboat was built by turning the bottom of a regular boat upside down and then sealing off the top so that it could sit on ice. This project took nearly 3 years to complete. The houseboat is anchored down via two chains that extend from the side of the boat down into the ice. While the picture makes it look like this is a small house, the inside is actually quite large and spacious. The houseboat currently resides in Petite Riviere in Lunenburg County, Nova Scotia. It is also 100% fueled by solar, wind, and marine energy.

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