Top 10 Most Amazing Refrigerators Ever Built

The things in life that make your jaw drop more than anything are when you see boring everyday objects turned into something amazing. Most people would not get excited about a refrigerator, even a nice one. However, there are some refrigerators in the world that would amaze anyone. There are now refrigerators that have a vast array of different functions, features, and technologies. Below is a list of the top 10 most jaw-dropping refrigerators in the world.

Number 10 – Bio-Gel Robotic Refrigerator 

Bio Gel Robot Refrigerator
Photo of someone placing an apple into the Bio-Gel Robotic Refrigerator.

This isn’t just one of the coolest refrigerators, it is one of the most amazing appliances ever created. It was designed by Yuriy Dmitriev. Since the discovery of Freon, the substance that creates the cooling effect in modern refrigerators, there have been no design changes to refrigerators. The goal of the Biogel Robotic Refrigerator was to create something new that did not use freon. Something that does not take up so much space. This refrigerator is designed so that its 90% of its volume can be used to store foods whereas conventional refrigerators take up a lot of unused space.

There are no drawers, doors, internal motors, or cooling devices. It uses non-sticky odorless gel that morphs around groceries to give them their optimal storage temperature. The cooling agents are what Dmitriev refers to as microscopic bio-robots that use the light that is a byproduct of luminescence to generate cold temperatures. In addition to this, the biogel fridge is designed to be able to be placed anywhere. It can be hung vertically, horizontally, and even on the ceiling.


Number 9 – Samsung Family Hub 3.0

Samsung Family Hub Smart Refrigerator 3.0
Photo of the touchscreen control panel of the Samsung Family Hub Smart Refrigerator 3.0.

Smartphones were a huge jump in technology that changed the world. Many years later we now have smart fridges. At first it may seem like this is a waste of money and technology. However, Samsung has managed to make these smart fridges very useful. The Samsung Family Hub 3.0 allows you to create shopping lists, see inside your fridge, order groceries, integrate schedules, send messages to phones, share pictures, stream music, look up recipes on the fly, and watch TV while cooking.


Number 8 – One Touch Solid-to-Transparent Fridge

Window Refrigerator
Photo of how the window refrigerator works with a one-touch view of the contents inside.

The “Window Fridge” as many people call it is famous on the internet. You will see pictures of it in many articles, but no one knows exactly what its real name is or who makes it. Either way, it’s too cool not to include on this. The concept is genius. When you open your fridge to look for food you let most of the cold air out. With the window fridge, you don’t have to open it to see whats inside. All you have to do is touch on the frosted blue glass and it becomes transparent allowing you to see whats inside without having to actually open the refrigerator.


Number 7 – Collapsible Refrigerator

Collapsible Refrigerator
Photo of the collapsible refrigerator’s build and tear down compartments which allow it to be easily transported from place to place.

The design concept of this refrigerator is centered around providing three benefits. Those benefits are portability, energy savings, and taking up less space. The bottom of these refrigerators is where the motor that cools them is located. Having up to six compartments, you can choose how many of these that you need. This is much different than with a conventional refrigerator where the space that it takes up cannot be changed. Also, you cannot easily transport a regular refrigerator.

If you live in a small apartment using one of these can help you free up much-needed space for other appliances. If you are someone who works out of town and prefers to make their own mills as opposed to eating out at restaurants, you can have the space to house all the ingredients needed to make whatever dishes that you make it home. Since these can be taken with you to multiple hotels you never have to worry about the need for extra refrigeration space.


Number 6 – Meneghini Nevera La Cambusa

Meneghini Customised Wooden Fridge Freezer
Photo of the Meneghini Nevera La Cambusa with its dual compartments surrounding a middle multipurpose compartment.

Italian refrigerator making company Meneghini has produced one of the coolest refrigerators in the world. The Nevera La Cambusa has two side compartments surrounding an interior middle compartment. Within the middle compartment, there is a microwave, filtered water dispenser, ice maker, coffee maker, and a fitted pantry. Not only are the side compartments which house the refrigerator on the right and the freezer on the left, but each compartment is huge allowing for storage of a large number of goods. The Nevera La Cambusa comes in three different colors: Pomegranate, Ebony Effect, and Colonial. When closed the La Cambusa looks like an ordinary clothing storage chest. Meneghini does advertise their prices so if you want one of these you will have to submit an inquiry Here.


Number 5 – Police Station Refrigerator

Police Station Refrigerator
Photo of a refrigerator designed to look like a police station.

While there is no amazing technology or sophistication with this fridge, it makes the list because of its creativity and good looks. Modeled to look like a police station, this refrigerator is very large inside. It also sports a beautiful french door design.


Number 4 – Electrolux Stackable Fridge

Electrolux Stackable Fridge
Photo showing the Electrolux Stackable Fridge’s five compartments that all contain a refrigerator and freezer component.

The Electrolux Stackable Fridge is the perfect refrigerator for someone who lives with multiple roommates. All 4 of the compartments of this fridge include both a small freezer and refrigerator. This helps everyone keep their food in their own private space. This can help save a lot of conflict as roommates often fight about who’s food is whos. With the Electrolux, these arguments can be a thing of the past. The downside is that each compartment is small and cannot house much food.


Number 3 – TreeHouse Children’s Refrigerator 

Photo of the treehouse refrigerator showing its bio-gel compartments and drawer structure.

The treehouse refrigerator is a spinoff of the hydrogel robotic refrigerator concept. This refrigerator uses the same antimicrobial bio gel used in the refrigerator in the previous picture. This design concept is centered around children though. The center compartment which is designed to be the trunk of the tree so to speak is cooled with conventional cooling methods found in traditional refrigerators that use Freon. The outer drawers which resemble the branches of the tree utilize the robotic bio gel.


Number 2 – USB Cord Powered Mini-Fridge

usb cord fridge
Photo showing a USB powered mini-fridge and how it’s so compact that it can only hold one can.

This mini fridge is more cool than practical. However, there are some awesome uses for this product. If you are someone who works at a cubical or office that doesn’t have a public refrigerator, you can plug this thing into anything thing that has a USB port. This includes phone chargers, laptops, and desktop computers. Another good thing is these are inexpensive and easy to transport.


Number 1 – Undercounter Fridge

Cool Undercounter Refrigerator
Photo showing an under-counter refrigerator sporting a modern and space saving design.

Kitchen areas tend to be highly congested. Every home has to have a refrigerator. With a lack of space, you should try to find a creative way to conserve space. One of the best ways to do this is to invest in an under-counter refrigerator. Undercounter refrigerators not only save space, but they look very cool and modern. The under-counter fridge in the picture takes space saving to the next level by housing a fridge, freezer, and produce drawers all under one counter. It does all this while still maintaing an elegant and modern design.


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