Top 10 Coolest Pool Tables In The World

Pool has been a staple in bars, man caves, and many different social venues. If you are like most people you have never seen a unique pool table that looks different from traditional ones. Some people will purchase surface cloth that has custom colors and sometimes even a logo of their favorite sports team. What you do not see are pool tables like the ones in this article. Some people have taken it to the extreme and created unbelievable and unique designs. Below is a list of the top 10 coolest pool tables in the world.

Number 10 – Banana Pool Table 

Photo of the banana pool table with its alternate, 12 ball set. The table can also be used for standard 8-ball pool.

If you think playing a game of regular pulls difficult, try playing one on the banana pool table. This pool table was created by Cleon Daniel and fitted with very high-grade materials. The table features solid brass pockets, high-grade fancy leathers, and elegant hardwoods. Upon purchase, you have the choice of two different sets of pool balls. One option is to go with the traditional eightball set. The other is a set created by the company that features one yellow ball, one red ball, and 10 brown balls. Another cool feature of the system is the ball storage compartment. The table has a carved out area within the stem that houses the pool balls. While very cool and unique, this pool table will cost you a whopping $18,000 if you want to purchase your very own.


Number 9 – Glass Pool Table By Elite Innovations 

Photo of the playing surface of one of elite innovations glass pool tables.

This glass pool table is made by the company Elite Innovations. At first you may think this is cool but wonder if you can really play a meaningful game of pool on it. After all, if its made of glass then the ball will take forever to stop rolling whereas on carpet covered pool table the ball stops rolling relatively quickly. The engineers at elite innovations figured out a way to make the glass surface behave like a carpeted surface.

To achieve this they took a piece of glass sheet and coated it with a material called “Vitrik”.The Vitrik coating enables the surface to replicate the rollising resistance of cloth. It mimics the rolling resistance of cloth so well that you can even apply backspin and side spin to the cue ball. The next thing you may be wondering is how the glass does not break. The answer is that the vitik coating provides a protective barrier that acts as a buffer to the forces applied from dropped balls, trick shots, and cue tip impacts.

Not only does the glass pool table sport all of that amazing technology, but the cosmetics of it are equally as impressive. The table comes with a highly modern and elegant design. Some of its unique design features include see-through wire metal pockets, small base that doesnt take up much space, and minimalist type ball collection rack.


Number 8 – Obscura Cuelight Pool Table 

obscura cuelight pool table
Photo of the Obscura Cuelight pool table as the pool balls move across the table.

The Obscura Cuelight pool table is hands down the most technologically sophisticated pool table ever made. It uses motion activated LED technology to trace the path of the cue balls when they are hit. With such an interactive surface, you can get feedback on each shot whether its hit good or bad. While this pool table is the ultimate man cave dream, it will cost you more money than a house. At $200,000, this is by far the most expensive pool table on this list.


Number 7 – Fusion Pool Table 

fusion pool table
Photo of the fusion pool table showing its dual purpose design.

The fusion pool table is perfect for those who want to own a pool table, but simply do not have space inside their home to keep one. Whats best about the fusion is that when it is in table format, it looks like a beautifully elegant dinner table. No one would know that there is a pool table underneath just by looking at it. The same is true when it is in its pool table configuration. If you want one of these you can get one on Amazon for $8,375.


Number 6 – Waterproof Pool Table 

Photo showing a water-proof pool table that has a special felt that repels water.

We have all seen pool basketball, polo, soccer, and many other sports transformed into pool versions. However, this is the first time we have seen a waterproof pool table. Aside from being used in the pool, this pool table can be used year round in your yard and even inside your house. For such a versatile pool table, its price tag of $6,500 is not a bad price.


Number 5 – Ice Sculpture Pool Table

ice sculpture pool table
Photo of an ice sculpture pool table that fully functions just like a regular pool table.

The most impressive part of this ice pool table is that it functions just a regular pool table wold. Well, besides the fact that your pool balls will take forever to stop rolling on the ice. We could not find any information on this table such as where its located, who carved the ice, cost of ice sculpture, etc.


Number 4 – Round Pool Table 

Round Pool Table
Photo of a luxurious and elegant round pool table that defies the traditional square surface.

This is the pool table version of putt putt golf. If you hit a bad shot it is going to bounce off the side of the table several different times. While it may seem easier to make shots, it can be more difficult because most of your shots will not have a straight angle into the pocket, effectively making the pocket smaller. So you can say that the extra bounces off the wall and the smaller pockets even out the difficulty to that of a square table. Not only is this a novel idea, but the table itself is luxurious.


Number 3 – Toulet Blacklight Pool Table 

Photo of the Toulet Blacklight Pool Table showing its modern design, overhead light fixture, and pool stick holder.

Toulet has been making pool tables for over 150 years and they have pushed it to the limit. After 6 months of designing, the team put together their greatest pool table yet. The blacklight pool table includes an overhead light fixture, internal LED lighting system, Swarovski Crystal inlays, a built-in MP3 player, and over 20 different color options. In addition to this, you can choose between a matte or lacquered finish. Prices for these tables vary because each one is custom made.


Number 2 – Rectangular Pool Table 

rectangular pool table
Photo of a guy lining up a long shot on a custom rectangular pool table.

This custom rectangular is built so that you have to hit super long distance shots. Long distance shots on a normal table are difficult enough, but ones this distance are extraordinarily hard. Another feature of the table is the pocket placement. As you can see in the picture, the pockets are placed in somewhat random places. Even though the concept of the table is a novelty idea, there is no doubt that it makes for a really enjoyable game of pool.


Number 1 – Life-Size Pool Table 

Life Size Pool Table
Photo of a life-size pool table where you use a bowling ball as the cue.

The guy you in the picture is a man named Steve Wienecke. Steve has built the largest known pool table in the world. He has combined pool and bowling into one sport essentially. In order to do this he ordered 17 different bowling balls in custom colors. In addition to the bowling balls, he had to have a huge amount of raw materials. When word got around that he was trying to make a life-size pool table, local businesses thought the idea was so cool that they offered to donate the raw materials he needed. This included 5 truckloads of gravel, 4.5 yards of concrete, and over 30 railroad ties. Steves hard work and the donation of raw materials from local businesses were well worth the end result.


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