Top 10 Coolest Looking Bathroom Sinks

The things that most people find the most incredible are when the basic things in life are made extraordinary. For example, everyone’s house has a front door, sink, bathroom, bathtub, shower, kitchen, and bedrooms. These are basic things that are in everybody’s house and usually, there is nothing exciting about. So when someone takes one of these items to the next level it is usually absolutely amazing. Believe it or not, people have taken bathroom sinks to the next level with incredibly creative and innovative designs along with unique ideas. Below is a list of the top 10 coolest looking and most creative sinks in the world.

Number 10 – Moody Aquarium Sink

The moody aquarium sink turns your plain old bathroom sink into a vibrant aquarium. It is fully functional including a built-in filter, gravel bed, circular fish food entry hole, and lighting system. All you have to do is hook it up and add some fish. Even more impressive is the fact that the sink raises and lowers depending on your preferences. This can come in handy if you need your sink to be a specific height in order to go along with another piece of decor. You can have your very own for $4500. It comes with a 1-year warranty and a 3-day return policy.


Number 9 – Zen Garden Sink

There is more to this sink than meets the eye. Of course, it looks incredibly cool and has an amazing design. What you may not realize though is that the water that is used by your sink does not go down the usual drain. Instead, it feeds into a plant and refuses to waste the water. This is one of the most creative ways to recycle water. If you are wondering how in the world things like toothpaste and soap don’t kill the plant, it uses a special filter that filters out potentially harmful substances.


Number 8 – FolloMe Sink

The FolloMe is a sink that is designed to be a sort of wash basin. It was designed by Will McCormac. While upon first appearance it may look like this sink was designed just to look cool, but it, in fact, has a very specific purpose. When you wash your hands or anything else in a sink there is something called “standing water” that accumulates. This standing water usually contains a lot of harmful bacteria and viruses. The purpose of the FolloMe was to create a drainage system that would eliminate this standing water. This concept is very popular for health-conscious people. It can be used for both personal and commercial purposes.


Number 7 – Abisco Gravity Sink

The Abisco Washbasin, or Gravity Sink, puts a new touch on the concept of modern design. Made by the company Eurmar, this sink acts more like a waterfall. The water flows down the sink into a grate that is positioned on the floor. This may look like a mess waiting to happen, but the sink is strategically designed so that the stream of water that flows off of it is very thin. Making sure that stream of water flowing off the end is thin ensures that there isnoo splashing and that the stream is small enough to only go into the grate on the floor.


Number 6 – Erosion Design Sink

The erosion sink by Gore Design Co. is the environmentalist dream. It is made of 100% reclaimed and recycled materials. There is a type of industrial byproduct called “Recycrete” that is often times wasted. This company purchases this material for next to nothing to create their amazing designs. The erosion sink is just one of their many environmentally friendly products.


Number 5 – Dual Tank Waterfall Sink

We cannot find anything on the web about this particular sink, but we had to included on the list because of just how beautiful it is. As you can see from the picture, the sink features a dual tank design. Water flows out of the faucet in a waterfall like type design. The water is collected in a beautiful glass washbasin. In addition to that, the sink is not bulky. It features a sleek design that is accentuated by the fact that it is located on a thin sheet of wood and the plumbing is compartmentalized into the metal pieces that hold it up. Overall, this is definitely one of the most beautiful bathroom sinks that we have seen.


Number 4 – Spiral Drain Sink

This sink allows you to see the corialis effect everytime you wash your hands. On a large scale, the coriolis effect, is what leads to the formation of cyclone like storms. On a smaller scale it can be enjoyed with scientically calibrated designs such as the one that this sink incorporates into its design. As water flows down to the drain it picks up speed in both the downhill and circular directions. On top of all this cool science stuff, the sink also sports a beautifully elegant and modern design.


Number 3 – Conserve Water or The Gold Fish Dies Sink

This sink is an environmenatlist dream as well as a poor fishes worst nightmare. The sink encourages you to conserve water since if you use to much the fish runs out of water. However, this is really not the case. The sink that comes through the drain to wash your hands is completely seperate from the water that fills the fishes bowl. What actually happens is that when you turn on the faucet the water in the fishes bowl drops into the cyclinder and that same water is pumped back into the fishes bowl. This is important because microorganism associated with the fish are paramount to its environment and it cannot lose this. The water used to wash your hands is pumped down and back through a different system.


Number 2 – Ripple Faucet and LED Sink

The Ripple Faucet Sink is the result of a collaboration of Touch 360 and Smith Newman. In short, this sink is honestly amazing. What is most amazing about the sink is what happens to the water when it leaves to sci-fi looking faucet. As you can see from the picture the water continue to harbor the light even as it flows down the drain. Just when you think it couldnt get cooler, it does. The water flows between blue, clear, and red. When the water is cold the faucet emits the blue LED water. When the water is room temperature it remains clear. When it heats up and becomes very hot it emits red.


Number 1 – Martini Glass Sink

If you are a Martini fanatic then this is the sink for you. In addition to its unique look, the sink also features some cool engineering. When the water gets medium high it flows over into the bottom of the glass. The sink is shaped in a way that when it drains all the water flows out of the bottom compartment and back down the drain due to a slanted gradient.

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