Top 10 Coolest Beds In The World

There is no space more private and cosy than your own bed. For most people, just a regular bed will do. However, there are always ones out there that want a little something extra and end up coming up with some pretty cool stuff. After all, we spend over 1/3 of our life sleeping in our bed. Thats all the more reason to jazz it up. Without further a due, below is a list of the top 10 coolest personal beds on earth.

Number 10 – Aquarium Bed From Furnitureland South

The beautiful aquarium bed made by furniture land south. The aquarium fits around the top part of the bed where you rest your head. This gives a beatiful upwards view of the aquatic life above.

This is a custom aquarium bed made by the furniture land south. It was even featured on a episode of tank masters on the discovery channel. While this particular bed is only meant as a display piece within the furniture shop, many others have copied this very design to produce many other aquarium decor based beds.


Number 9 – Ice Bed, Swedish Ice Hotel

At the Swedish Ice Hotel you will find amazing beds made of ice in each room. Covered by a special material, these ice beds are able to provide a regular sleep with an extraordinary twist.

Sweeden is know to have some of the most amazing tourist attractions in the world. However, sweeden is a cold climate place and has built a tourism industry around it. One of the main attractions of sweeden’s amazing ice creations is the sweedish ice hotel that contains ice beds in every room. These ice beds are not only amazing looking, but offer an amazingly comfortable rest with built-in insulation pads.


Number 8 – Cool 3 Child Bunk Bed

The 3 child bunk bed pictured above has three holes children to sleep in. In addition to that, it also has an attached sofa that makes for a really cool set up.

Bunk beds have remained popular throughout the decades because they offer more space for two or more people sharing the same bedroom. Most bunk beds are relatively bland and just get the job done. However, this one is completely different as it displays the bunks in a wall-like structure. This takes saving space and being unique to the next level.


Number 7 – Letto Zip-Up Bed

The letto zip up bed was designed for one reason and one reason only. That is to never have to make your bed again. With a luxurious zip blanket, making your bed is as simple as closing your suitcase.

It is no secret that a lot of us are lazy and get tired of tedious chores. One of the most tiresome and tedious chores is making your bed. You have climb all over it, straighten sheets out, and so much more. With the letto zip up bed you get the utmost in convience and comfort. With the letto zip-up, you will never have to worry about an unsightly bed.


Number 6 – Magnetic Levitating Bed, Unbelievable…

Using two opposing magnetic poles, this bed is able to literally levitate off the ground. This is just another example of the power and prowess of magnetism which is making its way into many industries.

Meet the most expensive bed in the world and in many peoples eyes, the most unique. This magnetic levitating bed costs a whopping 1.6 million dollars. However, it is not the price that is most astonishing. It is the fact that this bed literally floats in air. The way it works is that a magnetic is placed under the bed and bed is held down by wire cables. The wire cables prevent the bed from flying up to the ceiling due to magnetic repulsion(which is the factor that allows the bed to float). Overall, it is hard to sum up just how cool this bed really is.


Number 5 – Rocking Bed Made by Private Cloud Co. 

This photo of the Rocking Bed by Private Cloud Company is the cream of the crop when it comes to the rocking bed concept.

This type of bed design if referred to as a rocking bed. This is taking the rocking chair up a level. With the rocking bed catching on it is gaining a lot of attention. Therefore, there has been an increase in the number of companies that produce rocking beds. However, there is no one that does it better than Private Cloud Company. With a wooden frame and modern design, this rocking bed is the coolest of them all.


Number 4 – The Vertical Bed

The Stand-Up bed allows anyone to sleep standing up. No pillow or blanket needed!

I saw lots of cool and crazy beds when researching this article, but this standing bed may be the most unique idea/concept I came across. This is the only stand-up bed in the world. In addition to it being unique as a stand-up bed, but it also carries uniqueness in the fact that you do not need to bring extra ammenities to get a good sleep. The soft top side allows your head to sink into the material acting as a pillow and the sides keep you warm by acting as a blanket.


Number 3 – Home Hammock Bed

The home hammock bed brings the relaxation of a hammock to the inside of your house.

If you love hammocks and sleeping then this is the bed of your dreams. This indoor hammock bed has enough space for two people to enjoy a good nights sleep or a great mid-day nap.


Number 2 – Sonic Bed

The sonic bed has an impressive design and can fit the decor of most bedrooms.

The sonic bed is definitley one of the coolest beds in the world as it uses a comfy den to prevent people from falling out of bed. While most people do not have this problem, there are many individuals with sleeping disorers that make falling out of bed both a risk and a reality.


Number 1 – The Bird Nest Bed

The bird nest design and lamp make this the number 1 pick on this list.

Have you ever dreamed of drowning in a real sea of pillows? If so, there is no bed better equipped in the world than this giant birdnest bed. Not only does the bed have an amazingly unique shape/concept, but it has a light so cool looking that it almost looks animated like something from Pixar(the company that produced Toy Story).

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