Top 10 Coolest and Most Amazing Motorcycles

There is no doubt that motorcycles are one of the coolest types of vehicles. With motorcycles, you can achieve speeds and enjoy an agility that no car could possibly match. However, most people who arent motorcycle fanatics will say that most of them look the same. Well, the motorcycles in this article will make anyone’s jaw drop. Below is a list of the top 10 coolest and most amazing motorcycles in the world.

Number 10 – Ryno Single Wheel Motorcycle

Ryno Motors is one of the worldwide leaders in motorcycle innovation. There latest motorcycle is making waves on the internet because it only uses one wheel, like a segway does. Not only does it have only 1 wheel, but it is also electric. This means that you do not have to spend money on gas to drive it and you get to feel good about the fact that you are driving an eco-friendly vehicle.

One downside to the fact that this bike runs off electricity is that you can only travel short distances. The company did not create the bike for long distance traveling. They created it with people who commute short distances to work, school, etc. On a full charge, the bike can travel a distance of 30 miles. Reaching a max speed of 20mph, this is notes vehicle that can be driven on a high way.

If this looks like something you can’t live without, be prepared to spend the $5,200 that this bike retails for.


Number 9 – Dodge Tomahawk

The Dodge Tomahawk is a motorcycle that was introduced at the 2003 North American International Autoshow. With its 10 cylinder automobile engine, the tomahawk is able to achieve speeds of over 420 miles per hour. The tomahawk gained a lot of media attention for its incredible design/engineering, but was never offered for sale because dodge did not make it street legal.It gained so much attention that Neiman Marcus made a replica of the motorcycle and sold it commercially for $555,000.


Number 8 – The ICare Motorcycle 

You will see a lot of internet sites that call the ICare motorcycle a “concept design”, but this is actually a real working motorcycle. However, it has yet to go into full-scale production and is not available to customers at the moment. The ICare is a product of the France-based design company Enzyme Design.  Enzyme Design has pushed previous motorcycles like this into full-scale production, so there is a hope out there that anyone with the money will be able to have their very own ICare bike like the one you see in the photo. Other than the amazing design, the ICare impresses in other areas. It is equipped with a six-cylinder 1.8 liter Honda engine in combination with dual exhaust.


Number 7 – Mission One Electric Motorcyle

The mission one electric bike is the fasted electric motorcycle ever made. It can reach speeds of up to 150 mph. Even more impressive, the bike can go from 0mph to 60mph in less than three seconds. Unfortunately, you will probably never have the chance to own this bike. This is because Mission Motorcycles, the company that made the Mission One Electric, has filed for bankruptcy. Whats most startling about the bankruptcy of Mission Motorcycles, is the media reports that the phone/computer company Apple, likely played a role in the companies demise. Apparently, Mission Motorcycles had some of the brightest engineering minds in the world working for them. Apple came along and was able to steal a large portion of Mission Motorcycles most talented employees. This led to the loss of several key engineers and the company was never able to recover.


Number 6 – Mach Ness Monster Motorcycle

The Mach Ness Monster Motorcycle was inspired by a motorcycle that late night talk show host Jay Leno has. Leno is known for his amazing vehicle collection. When designer Arlen Ness saw Leno’s motorcycle he instantly wanted to buy the same bike for himself, but when he saw the price tag he decided to build his own instead. The resulting bike was appropriately named the Mach Ness Monster and looks ten times better than the bike he was trying to copy. Ness used aluminum that he shaped by hand to build the outer frame. Unfortunately, there are only one of these bikes in the world which means you will never be able to own one.


Number 5 – Batpod Motorcycle

The motorcycle you see in the picture was the actual motorcycle driven in The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises movies. Designed by Nathan Crawley and Chris Gorboud, the Batpod is a real functionin motorcycle. In the movies the batpod was actually driven by Jean-Pierre Coy rather than using digital animation. Equipped with a 750cc Honda Engine, the batpod can reach significantly fast speeds. The one from the movies is going on auction and is estimated to sell for over $100,000.


Number 4 – Suzuki Biplane Motorcycle

The Suzuki Biplane was created to give the rider a sense of flight, hence the name “BiPlane”. First unvieled at the Tokyo Auto Show in Japan, the BiPlane quickly made headlines around the world and on the web. It is equipped with a V4 engine and girder type front end. Other than that, not much is known about the Suzuki BiPlane.


Number 3 – Jaguar NightShadow Bike

The Jaguar NightShadow is the ultimate motorcycle for riding after the sun goes down. Designer Barend Hemmes teamed up with Massow Concept Cycles to produce this one-of-a-kind bike. Besides its beautiful design that resembles a jaguar, the bike also sports another very cool feature. At night time, the lights come both out of the jaguars mouth and its eyes. It has a powerful Buell S3 1200cc V-Twin Engine, steel tube frame, and 17 inch rims. You can have your very own for a tidy sum of around $500,000.


– The Magpul Ronin

The Magpul Ronin is the ultimate street bike. This speed freak of a motorcycle is a rare bike with only 47 of them ever made.


Number 2 – Speed Racer Alien

Gizmodo is the company behind the amazing Speed Racer Alien motorcycle. While it has yet to see full-scale production, the speed racer alien is making waves all over the world for its groundbreaking design. It uses the specs of the Kawasaki Ninja Motorcycle to achieve streamlined performance metrics.


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