10 Ridiculously Cool and Amazing PC Keyboards

When you are looking at computers the last thing you would get excited about is the keyboards. They are basically just boring accessories that we need. However, there are some people out there who have pushed keyboard design and science to the limits. Below is a list of 10 keyboards so cool it will blow your mind.

Number 1 – Cellulon Epic Laser Projection Keyboard

cellulon epic laser projection keyboard
Photo of the Cellulon Epic Laser Projection Keyboard displaying its unique infrared light keyboard.

This infrared laser keyboard made by Cellulon has an array of different functions and features that you wouldn’t think it would have just by looking at it. The way it works is very cool. First, you have to hook up the square unit that produces the light via Bluetooth. You can use Bluetooth to hook this up to virtually anything including iPhones, iPads, Android tablets, Android phones, desktop computers, laptops, and more. Once connected to Bluetooth you power the unit on.

The unit is composed of an infrared sensor that detects the infrared waves given off by your fingers. It is so precise at sensing the infrared waves that it can locate with absolute precision where your finger touches down on the keyboard. The light that forms the outline for the keyboard comes from a pattern projector on the top of the unit, located right above the infrared sensor. The unit even comes with a wireless mouse that also uses infrared technology to detect the motion of your fingers and then applies that pattern to your computer screen.


Number 2 – Oree Wooden Keyboard by Apple

Oree Wooden Keyboard
Photo of the Oree Wooden Keyboard showcasing its elegant and modern design.

The Oree Board is a wooden keyboard put out by computer company Apple as a novelty accessory. Whats most amazing about this keyboard is that it is actually made out of real wood and not some kind of plastic that is colored to look like wood. Not only is it made of real wood, but the wood is coated with a varnish finish that protects the keys from things like dropped food and spilled liquids. It impresses on the technology side as well as it includes wireless Bluetooth connectivity, your choice of maple or walnut wood, and is powered by two AA batteries.


Number 3 – Multi-Touch Glass Keyboard & Mouse

glass touch keyboard
Photo of the multi-touch glass keyboard displaying its high tech glass design which serves as a touchscreen.

Created by engineer Jason Giddings, this glass touchscreen keyboard is arguably the most technologically advanced keyboard ever made. Every design component of this keyboard is genius. First, the keys are printed on the back of the glass so that they will not rub off over time. The base is made of a heavy metal to keep the keyboard anchored. Wondering where the wires are? There are none. It is completely wireless and comes with a wireless mouse. It uses FTIR or Frustrated Total Internal Reflection technology to work the touchscreen which is just plain glass, no wires. The way this works just blows our mind and makes this keyboard one of the coolest gadgets on the entire site. Infrared lights are buried deep into the glass. With FTIR, when your finger touches the glass it forces those infrared lights out of the glass and onto a sensor which locates exactly where your finger touched.


Number 4 – Optimus Tactus Keyboard

Optimus Tactus Keyboard
Photo showing the Optimus Tactus Keyboard with its programmable touch screen buttons and social media short cuts.

The Optimus Tactus Keyboard is one of the keyboards of the future. With touchscreen keys you never have to worry about food, liquid, and debris getting between your keys. On the left side of the keyboard, you can see the social media and email shortcuts. With just one touch you can instantly go to email, internet browsers, Skype, Microsoft word, and more. In the top right corner of the keyboard, you can see how easy it is to switch between languages. This is very handy for those who are learning a new language and want to immerse themselves by changing things such as their keyboard to the language they are learning. In addition to all of this, you can customize and program certain buttons on the keyboard. Overall, the Optimus Tactus is a glimpse into the future of keyboards.


Number 5 – ErgoDox EZ Keyboard

ergodox ez keyboard
Photo of the ERGO Dox EZ keyboard in one of its many customizable configurations.

The ERGO Dox EZ keyboard’s creation came about in a crazy way. Geekhack user that went by the username “Dox” showcased a keyboard that he made himself using his soldering skills. His custom-made keyboard became a viral sensation amongst gamers. After many years, this once home-made piece of construction in some gamers apartment, is now a real product. In the photo you can see its main design which comprises what is essentially a keyboard cut in two. This is referred to as an ergonomic design because it more naturally fits the position of your hands and arms as you lay them down on a flat surface. In addition to its easy customization, the ERGO Dox EZ sports pre-programmed mappings, dual function keys, an optional wrist rest, and 7 switches for personalized tactile feedback when you press the keys.


Number 6 – Cool-Leaf Keyboard

cool leaf keyboard
Photo of water being wiped off the waterproof Cool Leaf Keyboard.

The Cool Leaf Keyboard was one of the early pioneers of the advanced keyboard movement as it debuted several years ago. The cool leaf was designed to be a portable and waterproof keyboard. It plugs into your computer via a USB cord. One cool thing to note about this keyboard is that you cannot see the keys until it is turned on. When not plugged in, the acrylic surface is a plain black. When you turn it on you see the keys amid a dark blue background. A finger print and oil removing cloth is included.


Number 7 – TextBlade Keyboard

textblade keyboard
Photo showing the TextBlade keyboard partially condensed into travel mode.

TextBlade is a revolutionary keyboard system that allows you to type on the go, no matter where you are. The keyboard can be broken down into 4 different pieces. Two of those pieces serve as the main keyboard. For the other two, one serves as the space bar and the other serves as a phone/tablet stand. All four pieces fold up into a bar like the one in the top right part of the picture above that can fit into a pants pocket. Every key has 6 letters on it.

Each key has 6 letters or symbols on it. When you press down on a letter then entire key presses down. The special multi-touch technology inside the keyboard pieces then determines which letter your finger was on when you pressed that key down. It can be connected to any device via Bluetooth. At just $99.99, the price is not bad either.


Number 8 – LG Rolly Portable Keyboard

LG Rolly Folding Keyboard
Photo showing the LG Rolly in both it’s folded up form where it looks like a stick and its regular version as a PC keyboard

The LG Rolly is a portable keyboard that folds up into an easy-to-carry stick. You can easily fit the stick into pants pockets, a purse, or even a backpack. This keyboard is an upgrade over other foldable keyboards in the fact that it is not made out of silicone. Most portable keyboards are made of silicone to allow them to bend. The LG Rolly is made out of a hard plastic that does not bend. 1 AAA battery will provide power to the keyboard for up to 3 months. It uses Bluetooth connectivity to provide a wireless experience. Overall, it is arguably the best fold up keyboard on the market right now.


Number 10 – QwertyWriter Keyboard

QwerkyWriter Keyboard
Photo of the QwertyWriter keyboard showing its retro design and versatility in connecting to phones/tablets.

Most people reading this have never seen a typewriter. Typewriters were the old, loud, and hard to transport machines that we used for typing before there were computers. The QwertyWriter keyboard brings back that same style of keys that made so much noise but without the noise. Not only that, but they have created a modern design out of the retro theme. It can connect to any device via Bluetooth including phones and tablets. It even has a built-in stand 10 inches across for tablets and phones of all sizes. They sell for around $300.00 depending on where you buy from.


Number 11 – Logitech K780 Multi-Device Keyboard

E-3lue Blacklight Keyboard
Photo showing the array of colors displayed by the E-3lue Blacklight Keyboard.

There is not a lot of high tech stuff behind the E-3lue Blacklight Keyboard. However, what this keyboard lacks in technology it makes up for in looking super cool. One thing that I like about this keyboard is that the keys do not light up, only the background. This helps you to see the buttons when the keyboard is illuminated. It also comes in 7 colors.


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