Top 10 Traits of the Zodiac Sign Scorpio

Horoscopes are used by millions of people all over the world who want to find out more about themselves. The idea behind horoscopes is that there is a different climate each month of the year and this results in people being born in the same month having a lot of things in common. One of the most popular horoscopes is that of the Scorpio, or people born in November. Below is a list of the top 10 traits of the Scorpio zodiac sign.

Number 10 – Lucky Colors

Scorpios have multiple lucky colors, three in particular: shades of red, violet, and black. Different shades of red including pink, medium red, bright red, deep red, and maroon which is also a shade of purple. These colors give Scorpios power and mystery but at the same time they can fight with themselves and be self-destructive. Even though Burgundy is the shade of red is also considered a shade of purple burgundy is considered a sensitive color which is a personality trait of the Scorpio and many red callers along with valet colors convey deep emotions and they balance the positive and negative motions of the Scorpio. Valet is another Scorpio lucky color which has to do with the mental state and spirituality, it also has to do with helping Scorpios sleep better and regulate mental stress. Another lucky color of the Scorpio is black the color black helps to balance the negative forces against the positive forces and it also makes all other colors appear brighter than they really are. Different cultures see the color black as different meanings such as death, night, and magic. [hr]

Number 9 – Lucky Numbers

Scorpios lucky numbers consist of all numbers that are in multiples of the number nine such as 9, 18, 27, 36, 35, and so on. So Scorpios would have good luck with the help on the number nine or multiples of nine such as the day that you started a new job or may be had a date with someone or some other task that you would want to do one of these days that came from the number nine. The Scorpio uses any of these multiple digits that came from the number nine and uses it in their everyday life, only good things will come to them and a great future will fallow. So using your lucky number you will prosper in your career, improve your charisma, stand out in the crowd, be unique, hard worker, and receive fame as well as success. With the help of Scorpios ruling planets Scorpios will get a great boost of vibrancy, dependency, and mystery with the help of their lucky number. [hr]

Number 8 – Lucky Stones

The birthstone of a Scorpio is a topaz but they also have an alternate birthstone which is amethyst, barrel, aquamarine, tourmaline, and opal. The Scorpios ruling planet is over the gem topaz and topaz has very unique properties and is believed to influence a positive personality and a negative personality traits of the Scorpio but other than the birthstone topaz, Scorpios also responds to other birthstones such as barrel, amethyst, tourmaline, aquamarine, and opal which all conduct energies from the ruling planet. Some of the properties that the birthstone topaz brings to Scorpios are loyalty, friendship, faithfulness, consistency and also brings strength and helps balance emotions and releases tension. There are also healing properties of the topaz in which it helps health problems such as any blood disorders, asthma, sanity, insomnia, and even tuberculosis. [hr]

Number 7 – Element

The element of Scorpio is water which is shared with other zodiac signs Pisces and Cancer which the three rules the fourth, eighth, and twelfth houses of the zodiac. The element of water controls the subconscious and the emotions of the Scorpio and is believed to be the strongest and the most endearing of all the elements. Scorpios receive purification, love, compassion, intuition, family, psychic ability, and mysteriousness all from the element of water. As water is used to clean and purify it is also gives the ability to give life and to destroy life. Water for Scorpios can be good, can be bad, can be as gentle as a flowing creek bed slowly streaming down a huge mountainside or can be as valiant is a hurricane, destroying everything that gets in its way. The symbol for water is an upside down triangle and represents a motion response and the element of water for Scorpios helps them to feel very deeply about things and also emotionally reserved no matter what the outcome. The signs with the water element have very intense emotions and possess lots of power but also controls their feelings with extreme passion and care. Zodiac such as Scorpios with the element of water gives them sensitivity and makes them very sentimental and romantic, so if you ever needed any one to listen to your needs and problems to just have someone there for advice, a shoulder to cry on. Scorpios which with the help of their ruling planets makes them the strongest of the three Zodiacs that have water as there element. [hr]

Number 6 – Best Matches

Who is the best matches for Scorpio? Their element is water along with Cancer and Pisces. So knowing that Cancer and Pisces has the same element as Scorpio, they are the zodiacs that will match with the Scorpio very nicely. It is said that the Scorpio water sign is very quiet while Pisces is said to be very deep like a ocean while Cancer is like running water in a creek bed. Zodiacs with the same element have more in common and they understand each other on an emotional level but even though they do have a lot in common they can also hinder a relationship and have too much in common. Along with the other water elements, Scorpios are also compatible with the earth elements, of the two earth elements is Capricorn and Virgo. Capricorns are like Scorpios that they both are very committed to a relationship, they both are very loyal, they are also both very hard workers and will do anything to get the job done, and they are very good with money, very self-conscious about long-term security. Virgos are the same as Scorpios in that both are very self-sufficient, cautious, and very thrifty.[hr]

Number 5 – Lucky Day

Tuesday is ruled by the planet Mars which is one of the ruling planets of Scorpio. Tuesdays is considered to be filled with power which also holds a lot of energy which makes Tuesday the perfect day for perseverance and very healthy day for aggression. Tuesday is also considered the day to finish the things that you haven’t finished on the following days. Tuesdays are said to be the day to finish all of your unaccomplished goals. There are many things that are said that Scorpios should start on Tuesdays such as get your office or home organized, speak what’s on your mind, start those projects that you always wanted to start, start new health goals, set new goals at the gym, start new commitments, and Tuesdays are also a great day to redefine your skills in leadership. It is also said you should wear certain collars on Tuesdays that will help to accomplish any of your goals you may have set for yourselves these colors of course are Scorpios lucky colors such as any shades of red, violet, and black, it is also good to wear gold on Tuesdays such as a gold necklace, earrings, ring, or a bracelet, you can wear stones of Garnet, Ruby, Pink Zircon or Opal on a ring or necklace. You can also wear a black suit or a black dress that will help your day to be very prosperous and powerful. It is also said that wearing argyle and paisley patterns are very lucky on Tuesdays for Scorpios as well.[hr]

Number 4 – Strengths and Weaknesses 

Scorpios love to have their alone time in the day, they can bet angry if they don’t get enough time to themselves. Scorpios are considered one of the most independent signs of all others and they also mature faster. Other strengths of the Scorpio is that they are very emotional which makes them very romantic, they are also very sacrificing which they will give and do anything to help another person, there very determined and self-driven, among all of these, having a dark element such as water, Scorpios can sometimes be misunderstood, cold, and not easy to approach. Some of the weaknesses of the Scorpio can be very dangerous for a relationship, they are very clingy and jealous they can also be very possessive and destructive, very vindictive, and paranoid. There is one trait that is most feared by other signs of the zodiac and that trait is vengeance, make sure no harm comes to them, if they are ever betrayed, they will retaliate and they will hold a grudge for a very long time so it is very smart that if you ever want to keep the relationship with a Scorpio don’t ever do anything that might threaten them or make them jealous because they will be very revengeful.[hr]


Number 3 – Dates of the Scorpio

The days for Scorpio is from October 24 to November 22, these days can be changed depending on the position of the sun but typically the days are the 24th through the 22nd. Zodiac contains 12 signs, Scorpio is the sign that has the element of water and is also a fixed sign that stands for quality. Out of the 12 zodiac’s, Scorpio is the only water sign that is fixed. Traits can and can change be different between a man and a woman, so with a man he can be very appealing and energetic, they can be very possessive, very sensitive with sensitivity comes emotional, very moody and also very secretive. A Scorpio man are also very strong and passionate about helping others, very wise, wants to help bring up their children, even though they can be very demanding on the family, they also show that their motives are all from love. As with the Scorpio woman, they are considered to be very serious but also tomboyish, they have a provocative aura about them but still show a very maternal. No matter how busy her family life, or career life is, she will do everything in her power to accomplish what needs to be done to be successful. It is said that a Scorpio woman is always trying to better herself, seems to never age as she gets older, and gets more mature and wiser.[hr]

Number 2 – Yin or Yang

In the zodiac signs, Scorpio is the eighth sign in the zodiac which is Yin. Every other sign is also Yin such as Virgo, Cancer, Taurus, Pisces, and Capricorn, the rest of the zodiac, are Yang. To be Yin, you receive certain traits that differ from Yang, the signs that are Yin, enjoy socializing and talking to other people. Even though Scorpios love to socialize, they also love their privacy which is very important but another trait is that they only want just a few friends that are really good friends. Scorpios also want to avoid crowded areas and busy places, there are very cautious lovers and have problems with relationships that gets difficult at times. The Yin wants a very committed and long-term relationship, they desire to fall in love with a person that wants the same thing in life, and they do not want their marriage to fail and wants the relationship to get better with age. Just because you’re a Yin doesn’t mean you can’t socialize with a Yang, they can live together in harmony with hard work. So in the 12 zodiacs, six are Yin and six are Yang, which are two powerful and separate forces that can coexist.[hr]

Number 1 – Ruling Planet

The ruling planets of Scorpio is Pluto and Mars. Scorpio is one out of three zodiac’s that is ruled by two planets the other two being Aquarius and Pisces. It is the ruling planet that has influence over the zodiac sign, and it’s astrology that is the central part along with the planets that controls the relationships of the zodiac signs. Having two ruling planets, they are both what shapes the Scorpio, they are both what molds the personality and what determines the outcome of a Scorpios life. Scorpios will always have problems with their rulers, Mars and Pluto will always clash between one another. Being that Pluto and Mars our both sexual planets, Pluto is responsible for the intimate side while Mars is responsible for the physical side. Traits of Mars is passion, masculinity, and courage, while Pluto traits are destructiveness, passion, and ruthlessness. Pluto is considered the god of the underworld, and is the controlling factor that transforms the evolution of the souls of a Scorpio.[hr]

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