Top 10 Traits Of Sagittarius

–  Ruling Planet Sagittarius is ruled by the planet Jupiter which is known as the happy planet, being the biggest planet in our solar system Sagittarius have very large personalities. Having planet Jupiter is Sagittarius guide, there are able to do multiple things the same time such as friends, hobbies, and thousands of projects. The

35 of the Most Luxurious Hotels and Resorts in the World

–  The Plaza Hotel, New York City, USA Being one of New York’s biggest landmarks in housing a 20 story luxury hotel which also accommodates condominium apartments which is located in Manhattan, this amazing building is the Plaza Hotel that was built in 1907 and is owned by Katara Hospitality. This hotel offers a Butler

Top 23 Most Mysterious Places in the Whole World

– Bhangarh Fort Built in the 17th century by Bhagwant Das, in the state of India of Rajasthan, this fabulous structure known as the Bhangarth Fort which was built for Madho Singh, Das youngest son. This fort was built and 1631 with the use of stone and bricks and was during the Kaccwaha Rajput. The fort