Top 10 Most Deadly Creatures In The Sea

–  Stingray   There are a few different rays found in the sea such as Bat Rays, Manta Rays, and Stingrays. Out of these different rays there is only one that is very deadly, the Stingray. The stingray is found mostly in warmer and shallow waters in many parts of the world and is also

Top 10 Biggest Helicopters In The World

–  Mil Mi 38 With the router blades made from a new composite and a avionics system which is made into the Tranzas glass cockpit, The Mil Mi-38 transport helicopter was designed in a plant in Moscow. In 2003, on the 22nd day of December, the Mil Mi-38 would take its first flight and replacing

Top 10 Coolest Fire Stations In The World

–  Central Station, Singapore The oldest known fire station in Singapore which was constructed in 1908, is the Central Fire Station which is located in Fort Canning Hill on Hill Street. This very old but beautiful fire station is known as the blood and bandage building which received its name all the red, exposed bricks by

Top 10 Largest Dump Trucks In The World

–  Hitachi EH5000 AC-3 The Hitachi EH5000 has a very cutting-edge drive system and is one of the most advanced technical mining trucks in the world, not only does it have one of the biggest rigid frames but it also keeps down costs with its fuel economy and low maintenance. This truck has the diesel

Top 10 Creatures That You Wont Believe Exist

–  Aye Aye Aye Aye’s are also known as Lemurs, and is found in Madagascar and are very rare. They are also known as a, Daubentonia Madagascariensis. Not only does it look bizarre, it also has bizarre eating habits which it trees and lands on such as Grubbs. Aye Aye’s are also one of the world’s

Top 10 Most Amazing Hi Tech Trains In The World

–  The Eurostar E320 Veluro Eurostar Siemens Velaro E320 started its operation at the end of 2015, and is the fourth generation in the Siemens line. The E320 project cost over $307 million and had eight investors all international banks. The Eurostar E320 has over 16,000 kW of power which gives it the power to